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Creating Balance with Interior Design

by Support Team .

Friday, July 18, 2014

Tv RoomCreating a beautiful and fully functional interior design takes time and careful planning. It’s a lot more to it than just choosing furniture or colors and patterns. Your design is an extension of your personality so you want it to be creative and fun. However, it also needs to be comfortable for you and everyone else in the household.

When designing commercial property, your interior design will help to support your brand and create a positive impression on your visitors. You can accomplish these goals when you follow the elements and principles associated with interior design.

Benefits of Creating Balance with Interior Design

Creating balance is one of the most basic but important elements of interior design because it promotes a calm feeling and relaxation. Your interior space will look and feel put together, well organized and inviting. Without balance, your home or business will appear chaotic and uninviting, so having visual balance is essential.

There are three different ways to create balance using patterns, colors, textures and shapes, each of which are discussed below.

Symmetrical Balance

If you’re looking for a calm and stable design, use symmetrical balance. You do need to be creative with your design to avoid becoming monotonous but when done correctly it can look gorgeous. To create symmetry or symmetrical balance, you need to create an imaginary line with identical or similar items on each side.

When you place identical chairs on each side of a table or use matching nightstands on each side of your bed, you’re creating symmetry. The table or bed is the divider and the chairs or nightstands mirror each other. You can also create symmetry by using like patterns, wall art, lamps or most any other type of object you choose.

Asymmetrical Balance

When searching for a dramatic way to achieve balance, the asymmetrical design may be for you. It’s similar to the symmetrical design because it uses an imaginary line to divide sides. However, instead of each side mirroring each other, this design uses various objects of equal weight and different shapes and sizes to create a visual balance.

It’s also important to note that complex objects usually appear heavier than simple ones, so they’re often used to create asymmetrical balance in interior design. However, all types of objects work together to create balance. This design is more difficult to achieve than symmetrical balance so it requires a good eye for detail and interior design experience. Here at J. Design Group, our interior designers and decorators can help you create the perfect asymmetrical design for your home or commercial property.

Radial Balance

You create radial balance when you have a center focal point with other objects radiating from the center outward to create a circular pattern. A round dining room table and chairs with a circular chandelier overhead is a great example of this design. A circular or half circle staircase, room or hallway and using circular-shaped wall art are all examples of ways to create radial balance in interior design.

Contact us for all of your residential or business interior design projects. Our experts can help you choose the best way to add balance to your design based on your specific needs.


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