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The Credenza: How to Properly Style it for Your Home

by Support Team .

Thursday, September 22, 2016

If you have a credenza in your home, you probably are wondering what decorations you can put on it to make it look nice. Some people often think of the credenza as an extra shelf in their home or a mantel of some sorts. It is important that you spice up the space and do not simply toss papers from the night before onto it.

Let’s take a look at how you can style your credenza to make an impression on all of your guests and to keep your home in style.

Credenza Style Tip 1: Place a Lamp on It

You can add height and light to your room if you place a lamp on your credenza. The lamp can be vintage, modern, or any style you want it to be, but make sure that it is tall and adds some height to the room and the credenza.

When it comes to the lamp, do not choose a light that is too bright. You should stick with a low wattage bulb that simply enhances the room and adds to the ambiance.

Credenza Style Tip 2: Add Some Accessories

Now is the fun part of decorating your credenza. You should add some books on it and stack them in a fun manner. What we mean by this is maybe have a cascading book stack with four books of different sizes. This will help add some dimension to the top of the credenza as well.

Also add in some accessories that will play with the colors of the room. Your accessories can be anything from book ends to candle holders or whatever you like.

Credenza Style Tip 3: Add Something Alive

You should add a live plant or even a small fish bowl with a fish in it to the credenza. This will spruce up the area and bring some life to your home. Of course, you want to choose something that you know you can care for because no one want to see a dead plant or a dirty fish bowl. If you are not comfortable with either of those ideas, spring for some fresh, seasonal flowers.

Decorating your credenza does not have to be difficult and can be done quite easily. You should incorporate the above three style tips into your decorating pattern. If you need help when it comes to decorating your credenza, contact the team at J. Design Group today.

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