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Decorate Your Man Cave Like a Pro with These Designer Tips

by Support Team .

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Do you have a man cave? Are you happy with the design of your man cave? What about the decorations? Many men find that they enjoy their man cave, but it is simply not decorated in an elegant or luxurious manner. When you start to think about the word man cave, you may picture a darkened room with a couple of recliners and the smell of stale smoke and old beer. Fortunately, man caves have come a long way and they are nowhere near the picture you just imagined. Below, we will go over some designer tips to help you decorate your man cave.

1. Create Texture on the Wall in Your Man Cave

A plain wall is a boring wall and you do not want boring walls in your man cave. To combat this problem, you should decorate the walls with some texture. You can choose from a variety of different textures including wood walls, different paint patterns, and even decorative wall paper. The sky is the limit and your new wall texture can really draw in your friends and family.

2. Have a Focal Point in Your Man Cave and Highlight It

So, remember that time you and your friends went hunting and you each put heads of your game catch on a plaque? Well, it is time to dig those plaques out of the garage and hang them up in your man cave. You can place them on the wall in a nice pattern and then highlight the plaques with soft lighting.

3. Use Sports Equipment to Decorate Your Man Cave

If you are a man all about sports, then consider decorating your man cave using some sports equipment that you have lying around. For example, you could paint some baseball bats and then hang them up on the wall to recreate the American flag. Another great example is taking a fishing pole and hanging it up on the wall and painting a wall mural below it.

The above tips can help you get started when it comes to decorating your man cave. As you start to explore different designs and ideas, work some of your favorite things into the design such as your favorite sports team, or the like.

In addition to the right décor, make sure that you have a comfortable sofa in your man cave and never make these decorating mistakes.


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