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Don’t Neglect Your Home’s Entryway: Tips to Make It Perfect

by Support Team .

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Your entryway. “My what?” This is what you may be thinking when we mention the word entryway. Many homeowners tend to neglect their entryways simply because it is a space that is commonly forgotten. In fact, if you were to enter your entryway right now, what would you see?

If you have been neglecting this area, the tips below will help you properly decorate it and add some life to it. After all, it is the first part of your home that your guests see.

1. Use Stand Out Colors in Your Entryway

If you want to wow your guests and create a beautiful space, consider using bright and bold colors to decorate your entryway. You can use bright yellows, reds, or even a deep purple. These colors will quickly grab your guests’ attention while creating a warm space that sticks out.

2. A Bench and Mirrors Are Perfect in Any Entryway

Many homeowners do not want to display pictures or portraits on the wall and if you are one of those people, consider having a long table in the entryway with small decorations on it such as a table runner and a candle or two. On the wall above the space, hang some ornamental mirrors or even a large antique mirror for the perfect entryway setting.

3. Family Photos in the Entryway

If you want to give your guests a quick rundown of some memories that have been made within your home, consider using your entryway as a sort of photo album. You can hang your favorite family portraits on the wall, but make sure you do not clutter the area, as this will scare people.

Your photo frames should be different sizes to create contrast and you can even space out the photos to ensure you avoid any clutter.

4. Decorate the Staircase Banister in Your Entryway

If you have a staircase banister that lines your entryway, use seasonal items to decorate it. For example, use leaves in the fall, eggs in the spring, and so on. You will find that these decorations naturally welcome your guests into your home.

If you need help decorating your entryway or you need some new ideas, contact the team at J. Design Group today. We also invite you to take a look at the 2016 design trends. We think these trends are going to be a huge hit and you may want to add one or two of them into your home.

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