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The Kid’s Room: Tips for Decorating It Effectively

by Support Team .

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Your kid’s room is one room that is full of creativity and imagination wrapped into one. If you are looking to makeover your child’s room, it is time to think about a few things. Gone are the days of just letting a mish-mosh of colors and themes work and today, it is all about the flow and theme within the room. There are some elements and tips to consider when it comes to your kid’s room and below, we will go over them.

Kid’s Room Tip 1: Let them be artistic.

If your child loves to color and paint, then why not allow them to make their master pieces on the wall? It is likely your child will attempt to draw on their wall at some point in time and a chalkboard wall can solve this problem. The chalkboard paint acts just like a chalkboard and your child can draw on it anytime the idea strikes. It will save you a hassle and you can see their wonderful artwork all the time.

Kid’s Room Tip 2: Remember, they sleep in there.

When you are choosing a color for your kid’s room, remember that your child does sleep in that room too. A color that is too bright and whimsical can mean less sleep for your child and it may keep them awake. You should look for a soothing color such as a soft blue or lavender color.

Kid’s Room Tip 3: Create a small reading corner.

Reading to children is vital to their growth and development and you can easily incorporate a small reading area into your kid’s room. A small bench seat that seats the two of you plus a soft lamp and a bookcase is all you need. In addition, this area will help encourage quiet time and your child can even read on his or her own.

Kid’s Room Tip 4: Choose fun elements that match the theme.

If you have a theme in your kid’s room, make sure that you are choosing décor that matches and that goes with the theme. For example, incorporate pictures, drawings, and even hanging lanterns to really draw out the colors.

Kid’s Room Tip 5: Storage space is a must.

While you may not think you need a lot of storage space in your child’s room, you do. In fact, you will find that built-in storage shelves and shelves throughout the room will provide a place for your child’s toys to come to a rest.

Before you set out to turn your child’s room into a full on playroom, remember that they really should have separate places to sleep and play. Quiet time in their bedroom is a great idea, but if you do have garage space or an empty room that you are not using, consider turning it into a playroom.

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