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Decorating with your personality

by Support Team .

Monday, January 28, 2013

Why not be unique and show your personality when you’re decorating your home or workplace? Here are a few ideas for adding unique elements to your home to make it one of a kind. J Design Group’s interior decorators will certainly help you decorating with your personality. Our advice regarding that:

Decorating Personality

Rethink Everything

Rethink the way you have decorated in the past. How can you rearrange your accessories to make the arrangement more unique and pleasing? How can you decorate with an item in a way other than its originally intended purpose? How can you switch items from one room to the next to make both rooms more unique? How can you make your bed in an interesting one of a kind way? How can you embellish an everyday item to make it more unique?  Can you decorate with normal things in abnormal places (such as interior furniture in a covered exterior space)?


When someone visits your home, their first impression is the exterior of your home. Don’t settle for the 2 trees and 6 bushes that the builder put in your front yard (that are the same trees and bushes that your neighbors have). Plant additional colorful bushes, flowers, and trees to give the exterior of your home character, just like the unique interior.

Vintage and Antique

For decorating with your personality you should consider shopping for one of a kind vintage or antique items instead for a unique style. A vintage item is typically considered something that is over 40 years old. Once an item is 100 years old, it qualifies as an antique.

You can look for vintage and antique pieces at  flea markets, antique stores, garage sales, and your parents’ attic. When decorating, don’t be discouraged by the current condition of the vintage piece. Consider its overall shape and whether you could restain it, rewire it, paint it or reupholster  or to give it a new life in your unique home.


You don’t have to paint your walls a single color. Consider painting them in stripes, plaid, or harlequin patterns. You can also paint your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Consider painting them black, dark olive green, or red. Baseboards and door trim do not have to be white – they can be black, tan, dark brown, or any color you select (they often look best when they are the same color throughout your home to create consistency).

Architectural Elements

Add architectural elements to your home to make it one of a kind, decirating with your personality. You can add crown molding, a chair rail, stone elements, whatever you consider related with your personality.

Don’t Forget Your Ceiling

The ceiling is also an importat part of tour home for decorating with your personality, and it is often the most forgotten place in the home. Consider painting it an accent color or decorating it some other way.


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