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New Design Trends of 2016: What to Expect

by Support Team .

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Year after year, more stylish and trendy ideas begin to pop up and when these ideas gain traction, people begin to implement them more and more. When it comes to the interior design of your home, you may look around and notice some design elements from last year and the previous years. We are all a little guilty when it comes to following what the hottest and latest design trends are.

Below, we will cover some of the hottest trends that will be gaining traction throughout 2016 and you may have already considered adding some of these elements to your home.

Elegant and Formal Dining Rooms

Unfortunately, the idea of sitting down to a family dinner has kind of found its way out of our way of living and we simply just eat on the go, on the couch, or wherever is convenient at the time. Fortunately, 2016 is predicted to be the year of formal dining rooms and this is great, at least we think so.

Formal dining rooms are making a big entrance back into home with large, ornate tables, buffet and china hutches, and the whole shebang. What better way to enjoy a family dinner than in style?

Statement Pieces Throughout Your Home

Statement pieces are catching on and many homeowners love the way these pieces look, and they make great focal points in bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. You can choose all types of statement pieces from oddly-shaped mirrors to off the wall décor that just simply sticks out.

Living Rooms without the Entertainment

Wait, what? No entertainment in a living room? We have all become accustom to the idea that there needs to be a TV, phones, and computers within a living room, but the latest 2016 design trend is that the living room will be left without the entertainment.

Just as formal dining rooms are making their way back into homes, bare living rooms will be great for family time. Of course, you can decorate this your living room with a beautiful area rug, some flowers, large pillows, and a few books, but the room should be focused on bonding as a family and less on gadgets.

Entryway Floors That Are Heated

Mm. The idea that when you enter your home from the chilly outside air, you can instantly warm your feet and body sounds amazing, right? Well, one of the design trends of 2016 predicts that heated entryways are going to be big.

These entryways will provide you with the right amount of heat to get the chill out and they would work perfectly with the upcoming smart mirrors that heat up in your bathroom too.

If you are ready to begin decorating your home and following some of the latest 2016 design trends, contact J. Design Group today to help you. From trendy designs to the latest models and appliances, we are always here to help and inspire.

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