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Designing a Luxury Children’s Playroom

by Support Team .

Saturday, October 5, 2013

When you were putting together the interior design of your home you probably didn’t even think about the design of the children’s playroom.  After all, they are simply playing in the room; it really doesn’t need much design to it, right?  Actually, your children could benefit from some simple design features to take it from a mundane playroom to a luxury room instead.  A residential interior designer can help you get your child’s playroom set up if you need help in this area. They know all the vendors who can offer you the products you need to take this room to the next level.  Below are just a few ways that you can boost your child’s playroom.

Window Seat/Reading Area

While today seems to be filled with electronics and all sorts of devices, you can still encourage your children to read.  Even if they are reading on an ebook reader or a tablet, they need a quiet space where they can do this.  Take one of the windows in the room and create this space with a built in window seat that can double as a toy chest.  There are many great contractors who can build this in for your and by adding a cushioned top to the seat, you can have the comfortable seating needed for time spent reading.  The added bonus is all the toys can be put in the window seat when they’re not being played with to offer more space for activities.

Custom Furniture

Why stop with a window seat when you can have custom furniture made for the room too?  Have a cute table and chairs made out of a hard wood for the children to color on or to play board or card games on.  You can also have a custom wall unit made to match the other furniture with nooks for the television and gaming devices.  Finally, add a custom desk for the older children’s computer where they can do their homework and keep up with their social media.  There is no need to have cheap plastic when there are a wide variety of great solid wood pieces that are not only practical but luxurious too.


While you may not want to spend a great deal of money on the flooring because, let’s face it, children can be messy; you can offer flooring that looks luxurious.  There are some great patterns for vinyl flooring that can both be fun for the kids and an easy clean up.  You can find this type of flooring in hard wood styles to match the custom furniture or choose a bright print that is perfect for the younger children.  If they spill paints or other liquids on the floor, it won’t be a big deal because while the floor may look expensive, it really isn’t.

When considering your home interior design, don’t forget about the children’s playroom.  They’ll want to spend all their time in this room if it is set up properly and if there are great pieces of furniture that are comfortable and allow them space to play.

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