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Designing Hotel Guest Rooms to Stand Out

by Support Team .

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

In the hospitality industry, making a good impression goes a long ways in running a successful business. Your guest rooms say a lot about your establishment. They must be clean, well organized and in good shape but that’s not the only things that modern travelers look for when staying in a hotel. You must also have an interior design that meets or exceeds their expectation if you really want to stand out from the crowd.

The new generation of travelers expects more than a bed, table and a couple of chairs to sit in. The interior needs to feel comfortable, be fully functional and create a pleasant atmosphere. To accomplish this, you need a good layout and the right type of décor to appeal to your guests. Travelers appreciate rooms that cater to their particular needs, so you must know your targeted audience before building or remodeling your hotel.

Cater to Your Targeted Audience When Designing Hotel Guest Rooms

When designing hotel guest rooms, you must keep the wants and needs of your targeted audience in mind. The business traveler needs a comfortable office space where he can work, prepare presentations and stay in touch with business partners. Luxury travelers expect beautiful décor, comfortable furniture and all the little extras that make them feel special while on vacation.

Creating a design that caters to your targeted audience will result in repeat business. However, finding the best layout and choosing décor that is modern and interesting but not overwhelming can be difficult without the help of a professional interior design firm.

Here at J. Design Group, we have years of experience working in the hospitality industry and we would like to put that knowledge to work for you. We can help you find a design that suits your particular establishment and budget.

Focus On the Bathrooms

The bathrooms are a major area to focus on when designing hotel guest rooms. It’s more important to your guests than you might realize and it provides you with a great opportunity to stand out from your competitors. You can make major changes to the bathroom that will provide your guests with a unique experience they’ll always remember.

The traditional bathtub with shower is no longer the best option for hotels. In fact, with the exception of luxury hotels that offer spa tubs and Jacuzzis, most people never take baths when staying in a hotel. A beautifully designed walk-in shower would be much more impressive.

Providing adequate lighting in the shower area and around the mirrors will also create a more user-friendly environment for your guests. Depending on your particular type of hotel, you may even want to consider the open floor plan with a decorative glass partition separating the shower and toilet from the rest of the room. The freestanding tub located within the room is another option to consider.

The impression you make with your interior design will stay with your guests for a very long time. When you make a good impression, it encourages repeat business. There are many ways to stand out through your interior design and our professionals will work with you to find a unique layout and the perfect décor for your establishment. Contact us today for more information.

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