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Enhance the Dining Experience with Proper Lighting

by Support Team .

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

dinning roomWhen you’re in the restaurant business providing quality food is always your number one priority but it should not be your only concern. Your interior design plays a very important role in encouraging your guests to return to your establishment and in attracting new customers.

When someone visits your restaurant, they expect a comfortable and relaxing environment where they can sit and enjoy their meal. You can live up to their expectations by providing comfortable seating, decorative art and the right combination of lighting.

Unfortunately, many restaurant owners underestimate the importance of lighting and as a result, it greatly hinders the dining experience. Poor lighting will make your customers feel uncomfortable and it discourages them from returning but the right type of lighting can greatly enhance the dining experience.

Enhance the Dining Experience by Understanding How Light Affects Your Customers

The lighting design you choose will either make your restaurant look inviting or turn customers away, so it’s vital that you make the right choices. It’s important to keep the customer in mind when designing the dining room lighting, so you have to put yourself in their place. When customers feel happy and comfortable, you know you’ve found the right combination for success.

To accomplish this, you need to understand that what works for one type of restaurant won’t necessarily work for another. It all depends on your targeted audience and the type of atmosphere you want to create. For example, fast food restaurants normally use bright lights to create a family-oriented theme that is also associated with fast-paced service.

On the other hand, five star restaurants normally use low intensity lighting because it creates a relaxing environment and it’s associated with high quality service. This is where our professional interior designers in Miami can be very helpful. We have the experience needed to choose the best type of lighting to suit your particular restaurant.

Variety and Balance Is Very Important

The best interior designs have various lighting options that allow you to change the environment based on the time of day. For example, if you serve breakfast you’ll want the lighting to be bright and illuminating but low intensity lighting works best for the dinner crowd. If you choose to use colored lights, you have to be very careful since the color choices you make will affect the mood of your customers.

You can create a variety of themes when you have a combination of lighting that ranges from dramatic to casual and it helps you to maintain balance. If there is not enough light or too much light, your customers will feel uncomfortable and anxious and both scenarios can make food appear bland. Therefore, creating the right balance is essential.

Our designers will consider the image you’re trying to portray and the type of cliental you serve when creating your lighting design. In addition to creating the right ambiance, we’ll help you choose the best finishes for your light fixtures to enhance the décor. We’ll also create the best layout to provide balance and to ensure all areas within your establishment has proper lighting. You don’t want one area to be dark while another is too bright, so the position of the light fixtures is also important.

Contact us today to learn more about how proper lighting can help lead your restaurant to success and to learn more about the services we provide.

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