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Every Luxury Kitchen Must Have Stainless Steel

by Support Team .

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One of the hottest trends in luxury kitchens today is using stainless steel as much as possible throughout the room.  It offers a clean and expensive look and is also very sanitary when it comes time for clean up. There are many ways to utilize this great material into a kitchen interior design plan even if you just want a few pieces to accent the rest of the kitchen.  If you are looking to update your kitchen and you have been thinking about using stainless, below are some tips for using it to the best advantage.

Different Types of Stainless Steel

Now that you have decided to choose some stainless steel pieces, you should know that you don’t have to choose just one texture.  Stainless steel comes in brushed patterns and can also be purchased in a brightly polished finish.  This allows you to have many different pieces without it seeming like there is only one finish or texture in the entire kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen

Stainless Steel Countertops

One of the hottest trends is no longer marble or stone countertops.  They have been taken over by stainless steel countertops just like the ones that you would see in a fine dining restaurant kitchen.  Now, this is not to say that your kitchen would look that functional, instead, these countertops offer all the clean lines with some great detailing to bring them up a few notches from a commercial kitchen.  You can also have stainless steel sinks and a stainless steel island.

Stainless Steel Appliances

You can purchase all of your appliances in stainless steel and they will look gorgeous with any décor, even if you choose an interior design for your kitchen that is not completely stainless steel.  Start with the refrigerator and then add a nice restaurant quality stove.  You can even purchase your small appliances, a toaster, blender or juicer in the same material to complete the look.


Stainless Steel Cabinet Doors

There are some really nice stainless steel cabinet doors that have glass inserts or that are completely stainless.  When speaking to your home interior decorator, make sure you ask them to look at some samples of the different looks you can have for your cabinet doors.  It is so easy to create a look that is all yours even if your neighbors are also redoing their kitchen in complete stainless steel.

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Table and Chairs

Again, you can find some really nice pieces for your kitchen table and chairs made from stainless steel.  This is one area where you can bring a little color by choosing a really nice color for the chair cushions.  The best part about this is that since stainless steel matches everything, the sky is the limit when it comes to the color palette or print you want to use.

One of the biggest trends in kitchen interior design is stainless steel everything!  Choose just a few pieces or create a statement by making your entire kitchen design with this versatile material that stands the test of time.

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