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Exterior Paint Color: Tips for Making the Right Choice

by Support Team .

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The exterior of your home is extremely important whether you know it or not. In fact, people base their thoughts about you when they look at your home. If the outside of your home is a mess and the color is off, people will think that you do not know how to properly maintain your home. The same goes for when you try to sell your home. An improperly styled outside exterior can lead to potential home buyers driving right by.

Below, we will go over some exterior paint color tips to help you choose the right color for your home. Color does matter and it is important that you pay attention to the shade you choose.

Exterior Paint Color Tip: Think about what you are trying to accomplish

As you look for a color for your home, think about what it is that you want to accomplish. Are you going for a soft look? Bold look? Or what? You may want to choose a color that stands out from your neighbors’ houses and really draws the eye in.

But, remember, just because you want to have a bold look does not mean you need to go with a flashy color.

Exterior Paint Color Tip: Think about the items you cannot change

When you choose your exterior paint color, go for a color that matches the items that you are unable to change or unable to easily change around your home. For example, you cannot easily change the siding of your home, the pavers, the stone work, the trees, etc. Therefore, match the exterior paint color to these things.

Exterior Paint Color Tip: Sample a small area BEFORE you go all in

You want to make sure that you sample a small area of your home with the paint color BEFORE you go all in and color your home. Paint swatches are a good idea, but they will not provide you with an accurate color to go off of. You should purchase a small sample amount of paint and paint a section of the home that is out of view from the street. You will be able to easily evaluate the color and determine how well it matches.

The exterior of your home is important and it is even more important that you choose the right exterior paint color for your home. If you need help deciding on a color, the team at J. Design Group is here to help you.

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