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Feng Shui and Interior Design

by Support Team .

Friday, March 28, 2014

Feng Shui means wind and water in English and it’s an ancient Chinese practice that involves arranging your space in such a way that the positive energy can flow smoothly throughout your home. It’s believed that everything has a life force called chi and when this energy is allowed to flow freely, you’ll prosper throughout your life. Good Feng Shui will help improve your mood, help you prosper and it can even boost your energy levels.

The art of Feng Shui is used in both the design of the structure and the décor inside the home, so it’s a big part of interior design. It’s believed the right design can create balance and harmony in your life while the wrong design can cause complete chaos.

Ways Feng Shui and Interior Design Are Used Together

If you want to include Feng Shui into your interior design when building a home, talk to your designer during the planning stages to make sure he understands what you’re looking for. Many of the elements used in a Feng Shui design are already part of a good interior design plan but there may be extra features that you want to include.

A good Feng Shui design consists of open spaces and many windows that allow the light and positive energy to flow through the home. In fact, every room should have a window for light and ventilation including the bathroom. This allows the air to flow freely through each room of the home spreading the positive energy everywhere.

The entrance doors should be located in a place where they are easily accessible and there should be plenty of storage space so the occupants can keep their belongings neatly stored away, since clutter is a big cause of negative energy. In addition to having plenty of natural light, the home should also have good artificial lighting that light up both the inside and outside of the home when needed.

Feng Shui Decorating Tips

Whether you’re decorating a newly built home or an existing one, how you place the furniture and your wall décor will create good or bad energy. You want to keep your rooms open to allow the positive energy to flow so don’t overcrowd your furniture. Only use the pieces you need and pull sofas and chairs away from the wall.

Having an aquarium or indoor water fountains strategically placed throughout the home and adding a Kio pond or fountains to your backyard is believed to enhance wisdom and inspiration but don’t overdo or it can make you feel overwhelmed. Use mirrors to reflect the positive energy from the windows through your home but never place them on a wall across from your bed because it can disrupt sleep.

It’s believed that every object within the house, including the structure of it, has an impact on the energy that flows through your home. Therefore, Feng Shui and interior design begins in the planning stages and your décor adds to the positive energy. If you want to apply this practice to your home, talk to your interior designer to see how you can implement the art of Feng Shui into your home through both the structural design and the décor.

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