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Fireplace: How to Decorate Yours Quickly and Correctly

by Support Team .

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The mantle of your fireplace is one of the most looked at areas of your home and if yours is poorly decorated, you can bet that your friends and family will hone in on it. If you have never paid much attention to decorating, then you may not know where to start when it comes to your fireplace. The following tips will help you properly decorate your fireplace and create a beautiful space.

Fireplace Design 1: Add a Mirror

Adding a mirror above your fireplace is a great way to bring your entire room together. While this seems like a simple and easy design, it is and it works wonders. When it comes time to choose the mirror, go with one that is large to help make the entire fireplace/mirror combo a focal point in the room.

When you hang the mirror on the wall, you can choose between the mirror being flush with the wall or the mirror leaning a bit forward to create some dimension.

Fireplace Design 2: Play with the Architectural Design

The architectural design of your fireplace is important and when it comes to decorations, you should be flirty and playful with it. You do not have to stick to one or two safe choices and you can be bold and unique with your style.

If you have some décor that you love, you should try to place it on your mantel and see what type of look you come out with in the end. Many times, you will find that you like the way everything lines up even though it does not follow interior design rules.

Fireplace Design 3: Dress Up the Inside

If you do not use your fireplace on a regular basis, try to dress up the inside of your fireplace. You can take candles and place them inside of the fireplace to create a beautiful and soft tone.

If you want to decorate your fireplace, consider some of the ideas above. You will find that many of these ideas play well with the decorations you want to use and you do not have to change too much to make them work.

If you need help decorating the interior of your home, contact the professionals at J. Design Group today.

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