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Four Ways to Make Your Space Look Bigger 

by Editorial Team .

Friday, December 29, 2017

Working with a leading Miami interior designer allows you to leverage off of the experience, creativity, and commitment to excellence that has been developed over a number of years in the Industry. J.Design Group is the best interior design firm Miami if you’re looking to improve your interior not only by creating a stylish and impressive new design but by adding more visual space.

Space is critical in any room, whether it’s a commercial waiting area or a family living room. Too much space and a room can feel cold and impersonal; not enough and you’ll feel cramped and uncomfortable. We can help you to develop the perfect amount of functional and aesthetic space, and you can even get started on ideas with these four tips from our Miami interior designers.

1) Use Furniture that Doesn’t Break Line of Sight

One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase the perception of space is to use furniture that doesn’t break line of sight. One way to do this is to use furniture with open designs, such as modular cube bookcases or sofas with exposed framing and light padding. You could also go to the other extreme and make use of glass and acrylic furniture. The use of glass dining tables, coffee tables, and acrylic seating, can all help to make a room feel open and much larger than it actually is. Using this type of furniture will also keep light levels high) and a bright room will always feel much larger than a dim room with poor lighting.

2) Increase Light by Using Large Windows and Glass Divider Walls

Frosted glass block divider walls help to increase light while also making walls feel much less constrictive. If space is especially limited then glass blocks are highly effective and can be recommended for new builds or for projects where structural modification falls within budget. Although glass walls won’t work for every room, they’re perfect for general living areas, as dividers in larger bathrooms, and they can also be used to great effect on commercial properties. Offices that use glass feature walls, or even large glass interior partitions (floor to ceiling) will feel much more open, and a more comfortable open environment can allow for improved staff productivity.

3) Be Creative by Using Reflective Surfaces

Miami Interior Design CompanyIn addition to the use of glass, the use of reflective surfaces can be highly effective at creating space in a mid-sized or small room. Reflective surfaces add depth without reducing space like solid non-reflective surfaces will. Mirrors are particularly effective at creating space, and they’re an affordable way to improve a room, even if you are on a tight design budget. Mirrors can also be used to add space by making the ceilings seem larger, and it’s possible to add mirrors in unconventional spaces, such as above door frames.

Large framed mirrors can become feature design pieces, and are an alternative to artwork or other wall decorations. Let our Miami interior designers help you to find the best way to use mirrors and reflective furniture to make any room feel and look much bigger than it actually is.

4) Use Brighter Colors or White Surfaces to Create Visual Space

We’ve talked about how light is highly effective at creating space in a room.

No matter how good your lighting is, whether it is natural or artificial, it will be more effective when you decorate your interiors with lighter colors, or with pure white walls and furniture. White can be broken up into accents of grey and even black, but it’s important to keep the overall feel both fresh and uncluttered. White also combines well with pastel colors, which can help to improve the brightness in a room, making it feel lighter and more spacious.

When you are working on your next project, the Miami interior designer team at J.Design Group will help you to choose the best color palette which can then be a guideline for paint and furniture selection.

Work with a Miami Interior Design Company That Creates Impressive Results

Even the smallest home, office or commercial space can feel comfortable when the right interior design techniques are used. Your design choices won’t always add a physical room, but even the perception of space will allow you to feel more relaxed and comfortable in your surroundings, and that’s what’s most important.

Talk to our team today if you’re ready to move ahead with your next project, or even if you want to start discussing ideas so that you can be prepared for a Miami interior design project in the future.


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