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Get Your Dream Kitchen with Interior Design

by Support Team .

Friday, August 2, 2013

Many people see kitchen renovation as a handyman or contractor type of job and while they may want a new kitchen, some people find it to be very overwhelming to make the decisions necessary to completely re-do a room in their home. Rather than put off getting your new kitchen indefinitely you can make it easier on yourself by hiring a team of contractors and an interior designer.

There is more to creating a wonderful kitchen than installing new appliances and countertops, there may be walls to tear out and new features or even windows added. Your kitchen is where you feed your family, for many families it is a gathering place and where a lot of the interpersonal activity in the home takes place. So while you want your kitchen to have all the latest appliances and be easy to navigate and keep organized you also want it to feel welcoming and homey. Everything from seating to lighting is an important choice for a functional kitchen.

How a Designer Helps You

An interior designer can help you decide on the best colors, the most effective use of cabinetry and a lot of other options that you may not think of on your own.  There are better ways to store your pots and pans than shoving them in cabinets. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an artistic hanging rack over your center island with the 6-burner stove?  How about a dedicated recessed lighting rack over the oven so you can see when things are perfectly browned? There are many other small things that the typical homeowner won’t think of when renovating their kitchen that a professional interior designer knows will make a big difference.

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You can help your designer even further by making lists of all the things you have questions about and also keeping notes of what you like and what inspires you.

When you think of interior design you may picture fabric swatches and artwork decisions, but every aspect of how your kitchen looks and functions is part of the task of an interior designer. From the beginning your interior designer will work with your contractor to make sure that your kitchen interior design is a perfect representation of your personal style and interests. Your kitchen is a central part of your home, so the more comfortable and functional it is the more you will enjoy your time in it.

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Why Great Kitchen Designs are Beneficial

You may not be a 5-star chef or a “foodie” but you can still create delicious meals and enjoy an elegantly appointed kitchen with top of the line modern appliances and décor. The benefit of hiring interior designers and contractors means that you don’t have to sweat the details or worry about whether the strange idea you have to put an arch over the breakfast nook will work or not. You provide a list of your must haves and let the designer and contractors make it happen and give them freedom to make your kitchen into a dream come true!


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