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A Good Hotel Interior Design Caters to the Needs of Your Guests

by Support Team .

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

When it comes to the hospitality industry, hotels are some of the most competitive. You must give travelers a reason to choose you over the competitor and one way to do that is with your interior design. This is especially important for luxury hotels that strive to provide a pleasant experience for their guests throughout the duration of their stay.

Creating a design that clearly represents your brand will help to make your hotel unique but your design should also cater to the needs of your guests. When creating your hotel interior design, keep the following tips in mind.

Your Lobby Is a Main Part of Your Hotel Interior Design

The lobby design speaks volumes about your hotel. Having a new, fresh design that caters to the needs of modern day travelers will certainly help your guests remember you. Be sure to include a focal point in the room to give your lobby personality. Examples include placing a huge chandelier or a waterfall in the center of the room or painting a large mural on the ceiling or one wall.

Create a comfortable social area where your guests can lounge around talking with one another. Section off the lobby and position the seats facing each other to provide privacy for individual groups. Your lobby should also include a business section with access to a computer and an area where visitors have access to multi-device plug-ins. We live in a technical world and no one travels without a Smartphone, tablet or laptop, so your lobby design should accommodate these devices.

Give Your Hotel a Human Touch

Living in an age where technology is so abundant and more sophisticated than ever certainly has its advantages. However, many travelers want to stay in a hotel that offers all the comforts of home. They want their rooms to be luxurious and inviting instead of looking like an office. No matter how advanced and impressive technology becomes, giving your hotel a human touch will always make your guests feel more appreciated.

Our Miami interior designers have years of experience creating luxury hotel designs that cater to the needs of the modern traveler, while providing a warm and welcoming environment that makes them feel right at home.

Maintain a Consistent Theme throughout Your Hotel

The whole idea of visiting a luxury hotel is to relax, so maintaining a consistent theme throughout your hotel is very important. If you have too many colors and patterns mixed together, it creates a sense of confusion and chaos that can make your visitors feel stressed and uncomfortable. On the other hand, a consistent theme creates an inviting environment that helps your guests feel calm and relaxed.

Begin with a clear idea of what design you want to use and then choose specific pieces that will portray the chosen theme. Next, add accessories to complement and enhance the main pieces. Use different textures and color hues to help balance the design. Our experts here at J. Design Group will go over the different options with you and help you choose the best theme for your hotel.

You want your guests to remember and talk about your hotel long after they’ve left and one way to do that is by creating a memorable design. When choosing a theme for your hotel, consider your clientele carefully. This will help you choose something that is both inviting and appropriate. Pay close attention to the lobby and offer a personalized experience for all of your guests.

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