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Great Interior Design for the Guest House

by Support Team .

Monday, November 18, 2013

If you have a guest house on your property then you need to make sure that the interior design of it is just as nice as the home you live in.  One of the problems with a guest house is that it is typically small so you have to be creative with your design ideas.  This is when you should definitely call in a home interior designer to help you with your plans.  There is more to designing a guest house than choosing fabrics and color palettes.  The following are some tips for creating great interior design for the guest house.

Make the Most of the Space

With the limited amount of space in a guest house, you want to take advantage of it by purchasing furniture that doubles as sleeping areas.  A high quality futon or fold out couch can add extra sleeping spaces while still making the sitting room beautiful.  There are even chairs that convert into beds if you more sleeping area.  In the bedroom, a queen sized bunk bed with a twin sized upper bunk allows for even more sleeping areas when needed.  It always seems that when you have guests there is never enough room for everyone.  All of these items come in high quality furniture pieces that will fit any décor you may want for the house.

Other Space Savers

A built in wall unit design in both the sitting room and bedroom can add more space to small rooms because they do not take up much space.  You can have one built into your wall where your television and other electronics can be stored.  You can also add books and other collectibles to go with the rest of the décor of the room.  One of the best aspects of a wall unit is that they can come in a wide variety of materials such as wood and metal.   Other space savers are built in chest of drawers for the bedroom which is a great new contemporary interior design feature that many people enjoy.  Anytime you can build in a feature it will save space for that overall room.

The Kitchen and Bathroom

You don’t want to leave out the kitchen and bathroom when you are doing your guest home interior design.  Again, try to do as much as possible to save space in both rooms.  In the kitchen, try going for stainless steel appliances as they are easy to clean, look great and don’t go out of style.  You want your overnight guests to be able to fix their own meals if they so choose.  Also, the bathroom needs to have great décor that goes with the rest of the house.  There is no need to get crazy by putting in a tub with jets; instead, a shower stall can do the trick without having a bathtub at all.

If you have been considering redoing your guest house then you need to consider the amount of space you have and what you can do to take advantage of it.  There are many great space saving ideas and your home interior decorator can offer you a great deal of help getting it all put together.

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