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Hardwoods Set the Tone for Fine Dining

by Support Team .

Sunday, October 6, 2013

When people are coming up with their kitchen interior design they can sometimes forget that there is more to it than just getting the appliances together.  You still need to consider the eating spaces such as the breakfast nook and the formal dining room.  While any piece of furniture can be covered with expensive table cloths, many people do not like this look so why not buy high quality hardwoods?  These look great with a simple runner and matching placemats rather than covering up the beauty of the wood.  Below are some hardwood types that can offer elegant dining for dinner parties or a family meal.


Ebony is one of the most expensive of the hardwoods and makes a huge statement on luxury.  It is nearly black and has great grains that really stand out when the wood is prepared properly before being made into a dining table and matching chairs.  Ebony goes with just about any color palette and is also made in just about every type of furniture from traditional to modern and in between.  You can order solid wood chairs or you can have cushions made for the chairs to match the décor of the room such as the curtains and color choices.

Cherry Wood

If you like warm colors but don’t want to go as dark as ebony then a great choice is cherry wood.  It is dark but not as dark ebony and has a slight reddish tint to it.  You won’t have as many color choices with this wood because of the red highlights but you can still create a luxurious dining room.  Muted colors like beige and creams work very well with cherry as they bring out the deep colors of the wood grain. Try adding a matching wall unit design to show off your priceless china and crystal to really tie the room together.  Cherry wood is heavy and durable so if you have children who will be dining with you there is no worry about them damaging the wood.



While oak is quite as expensive as cherry or ebony, it is still a solid choice and can be stained a variety of colors to match any décor you may have.  You can ask your home interior decorator to look for some antique pieces of oak dining furniture if you want a more traditional look for the room.  These pieces are quite expensive and can offer more luxury than more modern oak pieces would do.  Oak is also a very good choice for a breakfast nook as it is durable and the kids won’t be able to destroy while they are eating their morning meals.

When choosing your dining furniture, choose hardwoods if you really want to have a luxurious feel to your room.  Ebony offers a dark and expensive beauty while cherry wood can be durable and has a beautiful color when stained properly.  Oak is always a solid choice for either a formal dining room or breakfast nook where the children typically take their meals.

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