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How to Convert a Pool House into a Mother in Law Suite

by Support Team .

Friday, November 15, 2013

There may come a time when a family member needs a helping hand and a place to stay long term.  You may not want the family member in the house or there may not be room for them but you do have a pool house that you can convert into a mother in law suite quite easily.  Even if your family member who is staying for long term is not a mother-in-law, that is the name for a guest house in many circles.  It may take a little bit of work and effort, but it is possible to have a great space for any long term guests.  Below are some tips for creating a wonderful living space out of the guest house.

Modern Kitchen Design

Getting Started

The first thing you should do is contact a modern interior designer who can not only help with the decorating but who can also call in a contractor when the need arises.  If your pool house is only one room you may want to add in a wall to create a separate cooking area.  Most pool houses already have a bathroom but you may want to add more features such as a vanity for beauty products and other necessities.  All of this can be discussed with your designer who can draw up plans to make the most out of the space that is available.  When necessary, a contractor can also help with the planning phase if there is construction work that needs to be completed.

Designing the Main Living Area

The main room can be designed as a studio with a futon or fold out couch that can be used for both sleeping and sitting.  You also want to put in an entertainment area with a television and other electronics.  If there is room, put a desk in the room for a computer or laptop which is much easier to work at than sitting on the futon or couch.  If you choose not to put in a wall or section for a kitchen area then one wall should be dedicated to a small fridge and stove with a sink for washing up after meals.  One great space saver is to have a cook top stove with cabinets and an under the counter toaster oven.

Wooden Interior Design

The Little Details

Most pool houses have tile or linoleum flooring because of the nature of their use.  Carpeting is not a great choice when wet people are using the room.  However, if it is to be changed into a living space, carpeting can be much more comfortable for the feet.  Another option is hard wood flooring that is easy to clean and always offers a classic look.  Add some throw rugs to match the rest of the décor and you have a really great mother in law/guest house.

If you want to convert your pool house into a mother in law house it is not really hard to do.  You just need the right home interior designer and some good ideas.  You may love it so much that you want to use it for your office rather than giving it your relative!

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