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How to Design a Comfortable but Functional Teen Bedroom

by Support Team .

Friday, January 24, 2014

Teen Bedroom Design

Your teen’s bedroom is his sanctuary. It’s where he goes to rest, sleep and study or to be alone with his thoughts. He entertains his friends and plans his future in this room, so it needs to be both comfortable and functional. The way to accomplish this goal will depend on if you’re creating a design for a new home or redesigning your current home.

For example, if you’re creating an interior design plan for a new home, you can add as much floor space as you need during the initial construction. If you’re working with an existing home, you may need to make structural changes that will provide you with the room you need to create the perfect haven for your teen. In either scenario, following a few basic rules will help you design a comfortable but functional teen bedroom.

Avoid Clutter with Proper Storage Space

No matter what size room you have, clutter tends to build up if you’re not organized. Therefore, one of the first things that you’re going to need to address in your design is storage space. Look at the amount of space you currently have and calculate how much storage you would need to keep everything neat and organized.

Consider your teen’s entertainment needs as well when determining how much storage space you’ll need. You may want to consider installing a wall unit design for the TV, video games and other electronics so you can keep everything together in one neat collection. You can consult with your bedroom interior designer to find other creative ways to add storage space to your teen’s bedroom.

Consider Comfort and Style

Comfort and style is next on the list for creating the best design for your teen’s room. The furnishings you choose will be a reflection of his style and personality, so listen closely to his ideas and suggestions. You’ll probably have to pass on some of his ideas when making the final decision for the theme and furnishings but you should incorporate as many of his suggestions into the design as possible. Your teenager is the one spending the most time in the room, so you should allow him to help make some of the decisions.

One excellent suggestion for adding comfort and style to your design includes using bunk beds to utilize space and to help create a comfortable living area. If you don’t need two beds, another option would be the desk underneath the bed style. This makes the perfect area for using the computer and studying while still providing a comfortable place to sleep.

Being a teenager is tough and there are many challenges to overcome. Having a bedroom where your teen can go to relax and regroup in comfort and style will help to make things a little less stressful. When you work with your Florida interior designers to create proper storage space and when you keep comfort and style in mind when decorating, you can create a comfortable but functional interior design for your teen’s bedroom.

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