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Install an In-Wall Fish Aquarium in Your Home

by Support Team .

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fish aquariums are very popular and found in homes all across the globe because they make wonderful pets. If you don’t have much free time to spend with a pet, fish are great because they’re very low maintenance. All you have to do is keep the tank clean, the water regulated and feed them daily. The rest of the time, you get to sit back and enjoy the beauty and tranquility you’ll receive from watching them swim around peacefully.

You have a wide variety of fish to choose from that range from the simple goldfish to some rare and exotic breeds allowing you to create any type of environment you want. You also have a wide selection of fish tanks to choose from that comes in all shapes and sizes. However, if you’re planning to add a fish aquarium to your home, why settle for the ordinary when you can have something spectacular. Instead of setting up a tank, install your aquarium inside a wall.

What You Should Know about Installing an In-Wall Fish Aquarium

Installing a fish tank into your wall creates a beautiful interior design that you don’t see every day. It’s unique and simply gorgeous but it’s not a simple process. You need a professional to install the tank properly or you’ll run into many problems. For example, the glass could break from the pressure of the water or you may find it difficult to keep the tank clean.

These tanks are much thinner than regular aquariums, too so a ten-gallon tank that fits into the wall, will look larger than one that sits on a pedestal. This is very important to remember when choosing the size you want or you may end up with a tank much larger than you expected.

Our expert interior designers here in Miami provide a wide variety of services and we have the knowledge, experience and resources to help you create an elegant and beautiful interior space while overseeing every detail of the project. This includes making sure the in-wall fish aquarium is installed correctly. Feel free to contact us for more information about our services.

Decide Where to Place Your Aquarium before Buying One

You can place a fish aquarium in the wall of any room in the home but where you put it will determine what size and type of tank you’ll need. For this reason, you need to decide where it will go before you go shopping for the tank. When placing the tank on a wall that separates the living room and dining room or kitchen and dining room, etc. then you can place the aquarium all the way through so you can see it from either room. This looks amazing and helps to create a gorgeous interior space!

When placed on a wall adjoining a bedroom, bathroom or on an exterior wall, there will be a wall behind the fish tank so you cannot see all the way through when looking at the fish. Get creative and place a colorful background between the back of the tank and the wall to brighten things up.

Determining where it will go will help you choose the right fish aquarium for your home. You may even want to create a design with multiple aquariums of difference sizes placed on one wall, so you can have different types of fish in each one.

No matter how you decide to implement an in-wall fish aquarium into your home, it will definitely make a statement. Everyone that visits will marvel over how beautiful it looks and you’ll enjoy the entertainment and peaceful vibe it gives your home.

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