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The Interior Design of a Classroom Does Affect Learning

by Support Team .

Monday, August 11, 2014

College Student Study In The ClassStudies show that your interior design and decor can affect your mood and performance in the workplace but what about the classroom. Does the design of the room affect the way children learn? This is something that researchers are now conducting studies on to find out. If the interior design of an office can affect performance in adults, it makes sense that the design of a classroom must have some effect on how students learn and perform.

We know that a good curriculum and great teachers play a major role in how well kids learn. After all, they can’t learn if the information is not presented to them and many students wouldn’t even try to learn if it wasn’t for the encouragement of their teachers. However, we are just learning how the interior design and decor affects learning.

Studies Prove Connection Between Interior Design and Learning

Research such as the one done by the University of Salford and architects and Nightingale Associates prove that the classroom environment can affect the way students learn and perform by up to 25 percent per year. This study involved 34 classrooms in seven different primary schools. It was conducted during the 2011-2012 school year and it involved 751 students.

The students were of different age groups and their reading, writing and math skills were evaluated at the beginning and end of the school year to determine how they improved throughout the year. To determine how the classrooms affected learning, they were rated on the following environmental qualities:

  • Lighting, both natural and artificial
  • Acoustics
  • Color choices
  • Temperature
  • Classroom procedures
  • Air quality

More research needs to be done to find out how much the interior design of the classroom can really affect learning but it makes since that it does play a role in how well kids concentrate and learn at school.

What’s Next for Our Schools?

It’s hard to say what impact this study or any future ones will have on the design of the classroom but it does give you something to think about. When creating the interior design for a new school or when remodeling an existing one, it would be to your advantage to find ways to make your classrooms more appealing.

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Making sure all students have a clear view of the front of the class where they can see all information the teacher presents is imperative. Good lighting so students don’t have to strain to see their work and comfortable seating are also important parts of any interior design. Creating a view where natural sunlight shines in along with using the right color patterns, will go a long ways in improving the mood of the students and it’ll help them concentrate better.

The interior design of the classroom does affect learning just like a modern and fully functional office design affects productivity or the way your home design affects your mood. It’s something to think about and as more studies are conducted, the interior design of classrooms may go through some major changes in the future.

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