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Interior design colors: Luxurious ways to combine palettes

by Support Team .

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Here's a starter guide on using the right interior design colors

While it’s easy to match colors, designers are aware of certain tricks and patterns to employ when working with interior design colors.

Because color is such an important area of design, there are many recipes for achieving one’s room idea. You should keep this in mind when looking to paint a room with a different interior design color. And even complementing the room with a new piece of furniture that matches the desired color palette.

Sometimes, matching the right colors can make any room vibrate and cause emotion whenever a person walks in. So, don’t be shy and try some of these suggestions for combining colors in interior design.

Interior design colors: Making the perfect match

The first step to keeping in mind is the primary colors, yellow, cyan, and magenta. We know that there are primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. A safe way to start is to pick one of these and then switch onto different shades of that same color, let’s say purple and then lavender. If you feel bold, then you can choose another color of that same level, say orange, and it will always look pleasing to the eye.

The relationships provided by the core colors is, as the name implies, the most fundamental of all. If you want to truly make a room stand out and see what you can achieve with a particular palette, then you should take advantage of the color wheel.

The color wheel is a circle divided by 12 pizza slices that show all the basic color hues of the rainbow, ranging from red down to violet.

Luxurious color palettes: Analogous selection 

You can select three or four colors next to each other to achieve an analogous selection. Also, you can also choose the opposite color of the wheel to select it’s complementary. A typical example is the color green, which is complementary to red.

The safest way is to use a digital tool to ensure your interior design colors match. Paletton is a reliable, useful tool for this purpose. The app lets you customize color schemes to whatever hue you may imagine.

While also showing different shades and light settings, Paletton makes it easy for non-experienced people. Interior design specialists usually have specialized palettes at hand. Nonetheless, it’s a fact that many graphic designers rely on tools like Paletton to create color content. This assures all palettes fit perfectly in place with the colors they have in mind.

It is important not to be too rash about what colors to use, since a match may be appealing beforehand. After painting the room, however, you may realize that you’ve made a terrible mistake. Make sure you know what color fits best before even buying the paint you intend on using. Putting hours of work ahead of any permanent changes will guarantee you’ll decide the room colors correctly.

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