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Interior Design Ideas for Pet Lovers

by Support Team .

Monday, November 10, 2014

In the past, many pet lovers had to sacrifice having a beautiful interior design in order to accommodate the needs of their pets but that is no longer the case. Today, more and more homeowners are considering their dogs and cats when creating their interior designs. Doing so allows you to create a comfortable and functional living space for everyone in your family, including your four legged friends.

Interior Design Ideas for Cats

Cats are fun and loveable but they’re also very finicky and demanding. They have an instinctive need to roam around and they like to curl up and hide inside small places. Cats need exercise but allowing your pet to run around outside is not safe. Creating an interior design that caters to their natural instincts will help your cat get the exercise he needs and keep him entertained while keeping him safe inside the home.

Below are a few good interior design ideas for cats:

  • Include catwalks along the walls and ceiling to create areas where the cat can climb and explore your home from high above.
  • Add a few nesting spots near your computer and other areas of the home where your cat can sit next to you when she’s in the mood for some attention.
  • Create a cubbyhole between the walls to give your cat a place to hide and rest when he wants to be alone.
  • Place scratching posts strategically throughout the home to satisfy the need to scratch and to help protect your furniture.

Designer litter boxes are another great idea that enhances your décor while serving a very important function for your cat. There are several designs to choose from such as the wooden enclosed litter box that are also decorative furniture pieces. The double-hinged doors and sliding litter tray makes changing the litter easy and it also gives your cat a little privacy when nature calls.

These are just a few of the fun and exciting ways to cater to your cat’s needs with your interior design. Our expert designers can help you come up with a design plan that suits your family the best.

Design Ideas for Dogs

Dogs need companionship, so it’s important to make sure they feel like they’re part of the family. If you don’t want your dog jumping on the furniture or sleeping in the bed with you, make sure she has her own bed close to you. There are many designer beds to choose from that will blend in perfectly with any décor.

Dog’s also like to sleep in dens, so creating at least one area in the home where he can go to sleep when he wants to be alone will help keep him happy. Crates make excellent dens and the new, innovated designs make beautiful end tables or TV stands.

As a pet lover, you want the best for your dog or cat. You give them the best food, take them to the vet and buy toys to keep them entertained. Creating an interior design that caters to their needs is just another way to give your pet the very best but it also makes it easier for pets and humans to live together in harmony.

Contact us to discuss how you can help you create a stunning interior design that also accommodates your pet’s needs.

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