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Interior Design for Millennials

by Support Team .

Friday, March 20, 2015

interior designMillennials is the word used to describe generation Y. There is no particular date used to separate generation Y from generation X but it normally refers to people born during the second half of the 80’s to the early part of the 2000s. One thing that sets Millennials apart from other generations is that they grew up in a world filled with electronics.

Home computers, Smartphones and handheld devices are just a few of the advanced technologies this generation grew up with. Using the Internet to find information and making friends with people all over the globe is common and these individuals couldn’t imagine a life without this type of technology.

However, Smartphones and exploring the Web is not the only way that generation Y differs from past generations. Millennials also expect more from their interior designs.

Interior Design for Millennials Reflect Individual Style

One thing that seems to attract Millennials the most is individuality. This generation is very accepting of others and they know what they like. They don’t care much about what’s in style. Instead, they concentrate more on what they like the most. Therefore, they’re not restricted in the same ways that other generations were when designing or decorating their homes.

They don’t mind going through hundreds or thousands of photos on Pinterest or Instagram to find the layout or décor that suits them best. In fact, many of them enjoy this process and it can be very beneficial. Having photos will help the designers and decorators at our interior design firm create the perfect layout and choose the best décor for our clients.

Millennials are More Eco Conscious

Millennials are more conscientious about the materials they use in their home than past generations. They prefer eco-friendly materials, finishes and fabrics because they understand the need to protect the planet. As a result, they seem to have more respect for it than the older generations did.

They’re more partial to interior designs with big windows and skylights that let in lots of sunshine. When it comes to furniture, they look for elegant but simple designs but often choose bold colors and whimsical décor to create interesting and unique designs.

Millennials also strive to utilize all of their space efficiently, including the outside of the home. For this reason, sunrooms, outdoor kitchens and stylish patios are quite popular. They also enjoy spending time creating beautiful landscapes and amazing gardens that add that special touch to make their home stand out.

How Millennials May Affect the Future of Design

Millennials have a high regard for the planet. They’re interested in using their resources wisely and they have the technology and education to help design homes more efficiently. these qualities combined with the fact that this generation is interested in creating their own style, gives them the ability to have a profound effect on the future of architecture and interior design.

Following trends may become a thing of the past as new innovated designs become abundant. It’ll be exciting to see how Millennials affect the future of interior design. It’s sure to be more fun, exciting and interesting than anything else we’ve seen so far.


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