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Three Ways to Design an Interior that Promotes Energy Savings

by Editorial Team .

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Home designing isn’t merely about aesthetics but also comprises the proper choice and usage of materials and items that wouldn’t be harmful to your health.

After all, society is increasingly becoming aware of the significance of environmentally responsible interior design and building. Consequently, we see more clients integrating sustainability principles in the interiors.

With the appropriate products and use of certain materials, our interior design firm Miami can make any space green. Here’s a list of ways to promote energy savings through interior design.


Unless your windows are high-efficiency and multi-paned throughout your home, chances are that your windows are a comparatively weak spot in your energy scheme. Remember, windows are a general source of drafts and the sun’s heat could overwork your air conditioner over time during summer.

However, the appropriate window treatments can decrease these effects for a portion of the price of window replacements. Fortunately, our Miami interior design firm can help you produce an eco-friendly indoor aura through your windows.

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Consider choosing windows lined with unique coatings to give insulation and reflect heat. This will keep your rooms warm particularly during cold seasons. Moreover, you’ll save money since you won’t have to use your heating or cooling equipment.

You’ll discover that energy-efficient windows provide a good source of heat loss during cold weather and unnecessary heat during hot weather. When it’s hot, obtain as much free heat as possible from sun-facing windows by allowing the sunshine in.

However, when it’s dark or shady, consider light cellular shades or thick curtains to help decrease warm air loss. Throughout the summer, use shades or blinds with a reflective or light-colored backing to block out unnecessary solar heat.

To optimize a reduction of energy expenses, we recommend you opt for blinds and shutters (hard window treatments) opposed to soft ones because they’re typically more efficient at retaining air and heat inside than drapes and fabric curtains.

Nevertheless, you can layer treatments. For instance, you could close blinds and have a curtain cover the blinds.


Our interior design company will help you select furniture made from organic materials. It can comprise wood blocks as material while the tabletops can be stone or marble-made. You don’t need to be apprehensive when it comes to design because it’s still possible to obtain your desired design.

You could even request for tailored bamboo or wooden furniture. This will give your room a more personal touch. We also recommend you use furniture as an extra thermal barrier. You’ll find that overstuffed and high-back chairs and sofas are excellent for this purpose and skirted furniture can help decrease drafts at the flooring level.

The furniture doesn’t have to be upholstered or stuffed-anything dense such as bookcase with books can function as a considerable thermal barrier when positioned against an exterior wall. Hanging quilts or tapestries on the wall is another means of decorating and insulating simultaneously.

Insulation and Plants

interior design companyProper insulation is necessary for sustaining your home’s temperature throughout the winter and summer when the HVAC system is operating. If your wall or attic insulation is insufficient, missing entirely, or has holes, you need to consider replacement.

You’ll discover that various kinds of insulation exist and the appropriate type for your home will rely on your budget. You’ll have to consult a contractor to carry out the insulation because some kinds of insulation are harmful to the health.

When it comes to plants, nothing could be better than including them in your home. After all, they help eliminate detrimental chemicals in a room. Moreover, houseplants take in carbon dioxide and change it to oxygen.

They soak considerable harmful pollutants and toxins, purifying the air. Besides the health benefits they can provide, they add beauty to a home giving it a fresh and natural ambiance. Make sure you select plants that suit your home. They could be tall or short and if you’re seeking to enhance indoor air quality, you can put bamboo palm, peace lilies, or gerbera daisy.

Redesigning your home is an exciting and fun process that could breathe new life into your spaces. But when the updates complement the energy efficiency tactic, you’ll have rooms that are as stylish as they are comfortable while decreasing your utility costs.

While you might be keen on having a space that mirrors your personal style, it’s equally important to consider whether your options help your living space become more energy efficient.


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