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Interior Design Rules: Break Free from the Norm

by Support Team .

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

When it comes to the interior of your home, you probably have thought of 20 different ways to design it, but none of those designs conformed with the norm and design rules. Unfortunately, if you are a stickler and want to stick to the norm, you may be missing out on some hot designs for your house.

Below, we will go over some of the common design rules that you are okay to break free from and in fact, we encourage you to.

1. Interior Design Rules to Break 1: Your bed needs to wear a skirt.

One of the most commonly told interior design rules is that every bed in your home should have a bed skirt on it. You have probably heard your grandmother and mother also tell you about them as well.

Nowadays, you can break free from it. You do not need to have a bed skirt and many people prefer not to have them. If you want one, great, but if you don’t, ditch it NOW.

2. Interior Design Rules to Break 2: Keep your room in balance and symmetrical.

Yes, we all know that a symmetrical room is the best room, right? Well, it does not have to be. Feel free to break free from this design and use asymmetrical décor and designs to complete your room. Not only will you feel a little naughty breaking the rules, your room will be the fanciest one on the block.

3. Interior Design Rules to Break 3: Keep one metal with one metal.

When you design your kitchen space, do not be afraid to mix metal with metal. The age old saying is that you should keep gold with gold, silver with silver, etc. BUT, you do not have to anymore. In fact, many kitchens play on both colors and with metallics. You should consider the different options and see what looks good together and then go for a bold statement.

If you would love to redecorate the interior of your home and you want to learn more about how to break interior design rules, contact the experts at J. Design Group today.


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