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Interior Design Tips: How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity

by Editorial Team .

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Selecting the suitable vanity isn’t always the most exciting aspect of a bathroom remodel. However, it could break or make your bathroom’s design. Remember, it doesn’t just have to fit properly, look good, or suit the rest of the bathroom.

The inappropriate location could affect the traffic route, the incorrect materials could cause issues in the end, and inadequate storage space implies trouble for the bathroom. Fortunately, our Miami interior designer will help you make the right choice for your bathroom.

If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom but don’t know where to start, consider these invaluable tips.


Vanities usually exist in humid, busy, and wet environments. Therefore, the materials that constitute your choice of vanity should withstand such an environment.

At Miami interior design firm, we typically advise our clients to consider laminates, wood veneers, and thermofoil because they usually function well in bathrooms. Our other popular materials include glass marble, granite, and stone, all of which are highly durable and will last a lifetime. We recommend you seek a long-lasting vanity top and avoid anything with difficult-to-clean grout.

In the event that you’re redoing other finishes in your bathroom, we recommend you choose your vanity top initially. It’s easier to find a cabinet and tile to match a distinctive countertop than attempting to locate a top to match a distinct tile.

When you select a dynamic tile initially, you may be restricting yourself to duller countertop options that won’t compete with your tile.

Pick suitable textures, colors, and style

Miami interior design firmYour vanity should merge with the bathroom as one. Therefore, you must keep in mind what you have at home and shop accordingly. There’s no need to pick something that’s appealing at the store but looks out of place in your bathroom.

Ensure you choose colors that suit your current bathroom walls because you can’t merely repaint it for the sake of your vanity. The material you choose will define the texture, so choose wisely.

If the materials that exist overwhelm you, our interior design firm Miami will ensure your vanity looks like it’s an extension of the bathroom by choosing the appropriate colors, textures, and style.


Your vanity’s size should have the ability to accommodate the sinks you want. We find that homeowners typically favor double sinks. However, this isn’t always possible due to space restrictions. Vanities that are less than 60 inches typically have one sink in the right, center, or left.

Meanwhile, those that exceed this width can accommodate two sinks easily. However, if one sink is sufficient, you can use the additional room as extra counter space. Don’t cram a large vanity into a small bathroom regardless of your storage needs. The amount of storage you require affects the vanity size. Nevertheless, what’s even more significant is the room’s size.


Considering what you use will help you determine the amount of storage you’ll require in your new vanity. Take inventory of the things you store in your existing vanity and organize everything by what you should have in reach and what should be nearby. This will put into perspective what you should store and where its placement should be.

Perhaps you should consider adding approximately 20% more space than what you think you’ll require in order to be on the safe side. Hanging drawers with vanities can offer considerable storage because they maximize the frequently unused space.

If your vanity cabinet is small, consider including additional cabinets that lie on the counters. This way, you’ll obtain more storage.


Select a spot that won’t interfere with the traffic flow in your bathroom or obstruct the bathroom door. We recommend you consider cleaning and the swing space around the vanity door.

Ensure the surrounding areas are accessible for cleaning and if doors exist on the vanity, the space around your vanity should be sufficient for foot traffic when they’re open.


Bathroom VanityWhen establishing where to place your vanity, you must keep the electrics and plumbing in mind. A stunning vanity is no good if you need to stand somewhere else to use your hair dryer. Similarly, mounting the vanity on a similar wall as the bath and shower taps may help lower unnecessary plumbing expenses.

If you have to alter your bathroom’s plumbing to fit your new vanity, it’s going to take a considerable portion of your budget. Even changing from a conventional floor-mounted vanity to a wall-mounted one will imply rerouting drains and pipes.

It’s also important to note that situating the vanity far from other bathroom fixtures requires a higher plumbing cost.

Conduct research, shop smart and save money

While this applies to any type of decorating, ensure you examine all the options before you make a purchase. Watch for discounts and keep in mind that cash doesn’t necessarily purchase taste. If you prefer a certain designer but can’t afford it, request your craftsman to produce an imitation.

Choosing the appropriate bathroom vanity could break the feel and look of your bathroom. Therefore, plan right and be creative.


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