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Four Interior Design Trends in 2018

by Editorial Team .

Friday, May 18, 2018

Kitchen by Miami interior designer

Interior Design Trends

If you’re thinking of revamping your living space, perhaps it’s time you hired a Miami interior designer. Our professionals typically create functional and attractive spaces beside knowing and understanding the current industry trends.

Whether it’s a kitchen or bedroom, our professionals have distinctive and innovative design solutions for any kind of outfit. Bear in mind that hiring our interior design firm Miami could help you prevent costly errors and will help you save money and increase your home’s value, particularly when selling it.

Remember, interior design is vital when listing your home. After all, it can enhance buyer appeal and give your home a competitive edge. Here are four trends you should incorporate in 2018.

Bold Colors

Interior Design Trends

You’ve probably discovered that 2018 is about bold colors. In particular, 2018 is about strong blues, reds, and vibrant greens. Therefore, you have an opportunity to push the boundaries of color and pattern. Although neutral colors should still constitute a segment of your design in 2018, they’ll take a background position.

You can decide to go with statement furniture or use the shades throughout your home’s accessories. In particular, throw pillows, rugs, and blankets are a great way of integrating the trend without being overly committed.

Remember, a small dash of color could change a room’s décor completely, making all the difference. Every space and room could benefit from bold hues and you can use the shades in interesting and different ways.

However, working with bold colors isn’t always easy. It’s imperative you know how to blend the colors and mix and match them with different patterns, prints, and textures. For instance, if you’re working with a strong color such as red, the rest of the palette should be neutral and simple.

You could add some grey to the décor to tone down the red and use your primary color in various ways. A particularly balanced and fresh approach is to use related colors, for instance, turquoise and blue and merge them with shades such as ocher and lime.

If you’re having a difficult time combining colors appropriately, professionals from Miami interior design firm will gladly offer expert guidance.

Modern Maximalism

Interior DesignThe 80s trend is back in 2018 and there’s more blending of patterns to produce a purposefully over-decorated look. People are no longer locating pieces with rich history. Instead, people are opting for more unusual, out-of-the-moment décor.

Examples comprise layering of varied rugs, incorporating bold patterns and bright colors not just for accessories and pillows but also for bigger furniture pieces and decorating with bold accents, including wallpaper in a similar space.

People are also integrating this trend via varied media finishes. For instance, you can mix textures, metal, and sheen. You can try this trend in your kitchen by including different finishes in the plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware, and lighting.

The finishes can range from nickel and brass to oil-rubbed bronze, which offers a more contemporary look. If you aren’t bold, you can try a single finish for attached fixtures, for instance, the hardware or lighting in a room and mix in a contrasting finish for accent elements such as a table lamp or bench.

Cerused Finishes

A technique created centuries ago, cerusing involves the use of a white pigment to reveal and fill in the distinct grain lines of the wood. Designers are opting for these finishes because the process creates an interesting texture.

You can use it on furniture and cabinetry. You can also have a dramatic effect such as the entire kitchen or it could be as simple as using it on the chairs or sofas’ feet. This technique exposes the natural grain, so it adds to a room’s organic element in a modern way since it occurs in new finishes such as oak washes.

Vintage Accessories

Consider curating vintage and old accessories and art. You can mix found items, art, and books into your space to develop a personal and distinct experience. These days, you can easily access unique items from social media platforms such as eBay or even antique shops.

Remember, a design shouldn’t be boring. The advantage of this trend is that it enables you to give your designs something unique, an incorporated showpiece, and possible focal point. We recommend you conduct some research to establish the design era that you connect with the most, so you can use those kinds of accessories as your inspiration.

Every year brings changes in the world of design and 2018 is no exception. If you’re clueless about the current trends in interior design, our interior design company Miami will advise you accordingly.


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