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Interior design trends in Miami for 2017

by Support Team .

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Interior Design Trends

It’s not too late to revamp your Miami condo to match what designers expect to be this year’s top interior design trends.

It appears that the theme for 2017 is reinvention and freshness. Seeing how the opinions have become more about them expressing themselves, designers have picked on innovative techniques for their work to be accurate.

Let the light come in

One of the most notable design trends seen in recent months in Miami is the abundance of windows and light intakes. The weather in Florida is nice and clear pretty much all the way through the year. It is mandatory to take advantage of the greatest natural decór element that we have at our disposal: the sun.

Designers are employing large glass panels. Besides letting light come in, large windows create a sensation of openness. Some people even put an entire crystal window as a wall. Large windows work well with any style, given that the weather conditions are appropriate and the outdoor landscape is pleasant to watch from the inside.

Bathrooms are the key

Bathrooms appear to have gained a prominent place in the mind of designers. A very typical pattern that design professionals seem to be pushing to new bathrooms is tiled schemes. Tiled walls, tiled floor, tiled ceiling, you name it. There are so many different tile designs, patterns, colors, and textures, that it will hardly become overwhelming in the future.

A well-lighted and pleasantly decorated bathroom might change your take on what’s your favorite room in the house. It’s all a matter of putting the right elements in the right settings. It seems that lots of natural light with a tiled general design might be just what your bathroom is missing to become more than just a room for hygiene and relaxation.

Make use of wall panels

Wall panels can be very handy to increase a room’s attractiveness, improving balance and character. They are also easy to match with existing decór due to the variety of sizes, designs, and colors that exist in the market. They can be employed to play along with light settings, especially in interior environments where the walls play a significant role in how people perceive space and derive a sensation of comfort and ease.

Panels can be the perfect finishing touch for bedrooms, living rooms, and even dining rooms. Therefore, they serve as an intermediate design element between wall ornaments and wallpapers, bringing best of both worlds with a dash of subtlety.

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