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J.Design Group of Miami Florida Awarded Best of Houzz 2018

by Editorial Team .

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Miami Interior Design Firm J Design Group wins in the Design & Client Satisfaction categories of the Best of Houzz 2018 Awards.

Miami interior design firm[Miami, Florida], January 23, 2018 – J Design Group, a leading Miami interior designer, has received Best of Design and Client Satisfaction awards in Best of Houzz 2018. Houzz is a leading platform that focuses on educating consumers and showcasing the very best home design and remodeling companies in the United States and around the world. Votes for the award were submitted by more than 40 million users of Houzz. Winning both the Design and Client Satisfaction categories indicates a tremendous level of confidence in J Design Group and respect for the work that the company does in the Miami interior designer industry.

The Best of Houzz is an annual award program, with businesses nominated for awards in three key categories. These include Photography, Client Satisfaction, and Design. This is the sixth year that the Miami interior design firm has been a Best of Houzz Awards recipient for both client satisfaction and design.

With a community heavily interested in home improvement and remodeling, the Design award is one of the most popular, attracting tens of millions of votes every year. Client Satisfaction awards are given based on a number of factors, including real client reviews and testimonials that are submitted throughout a calendar year. Houzz also helps to support photographers in the home design industry with the annual Photography award. Awardees are selected based on the most popular images from the calendar year.

Winners of awards on Houzz can display a unique badge that is visible on their Houzz profile, this badge allows site users to discover the businesses and individuals that are leaders in their respective markets. All Houzz awards (both current and historical) are also available for viewing on a Houzz profile.

J Design Group, the best interior designer in Miami, follows a methodical yet down to earth approach to meet the needs of their clients. Led by Jennifer Corredor, the company is able to deliver successful project results because of the commitment to the needs of every unique client. Designs are based on personal preference and personality as much as they are on trends and rules. Ultimately, the designs combine functionality with the innovative and appealing aesthetic.

Liza Hausman, the Vice President of Industry Marketing at Houzz, has been extremely pleased by the response to the Best of Houzz 2018 Awards. Hausman referred to winners as “the most talented and customer-focused professionals in our industry” and said that the recipients came from a “phenomenal group” and should be “very proud”.

More About Miami Interior Designer J Design Group

Miami interior designer, J Design Group, has almost three decades of professional experience and has established a strong reputation in South Florida. The company offers services to cover private, commercial, and government or non-profit projects. Interior design with J Design Group can include anything from concept development and project planning, right through to color and material selection, procurement, budget management, installation, and construction and supervising.

The end-to-end approach provided by J Design Group is a clear differentiator in the Miami interior design industry and contributes to the massive voter support that J Design Group received for the Best of Houzz 2018 Awards.

More About the Houzz Platform

Houzz is the most popular online community for renovations, home remodeling, and design. The platform offers homeowners and developers a place where they can learn about home design and improvement from the most basic concepts, right up to the completion of a project. Houzz is a worldwide platform that connects homeowners with industry professionals, providing benefits to all parties involved. Houzz operates from California, with satellite offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Israel, Australia, and Japan. More information can be found at houzz.com


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