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Kitchen Design Tips You Never Thought Of

by Editorial Team .

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The kitchen is frequently the hub of our homes, so its design needs more thought than merely choosing a few materials and colors. While appliances, paint color, and other extras depending on your home’s style and personal tastes, design factors, for instance, layout, space, maintenance, and practicality are what make this area functional.

Remember, the most enjoyable moments in your life occur in your kitchen. After all, it’s where you cook lunch with your loved ones, have breakfast, and prepare a family dinner.

Everyone who spends considerable time by the stove while preparing delicacies recognizes the importance of having a functional, modern, and stylish kitchen interior.

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen, our interior design firm Miami is eager to carry out the project from initial planning to the final implementation. Here’s a list of design tips you should consider.

Breakfast Bar

Kitchen islands and bar stools are essential commodities in contemporary kitchens. The breakfast bars are the ideal way of separating your living area from the kitchen while preserving an open living setting. This way, you can prepare dinner as you keep an eye on your children as they do their homework.

Furthermore, your friends can sit and enjoy a drink while you cook. We recommend you incorporate an overhang on your kitchen island in the event that you decide to incorporate a breakfast bar in the kitchen. This will offer legroom for anyone sitting on the bar stools.

Anywhere between 30 and 48 centimeters overhang on the island’s backside will ensure comfort for the sitters. If you’re thinking of including this detail to your renovated kitchen, our Miami interior design firm will offer outstanding service and ensure a successful completion of the project.

Hook Installation and Hang Pans and Pots

Pans and pots usually occupy considerable space in kitchen cabinets and simultaneously, we use them frequently. Therefore, we recommend you store them in an easy-to-reach place and use the cabinets for other things by hanging the pans at the end of your cabinets.

Work Triangle in the Kitchen

The three most significant aspects of kitchen design are the refrigerator, sink, and stove. Bear in mind that cleaning and cooking can become a needlessly joyless and arduous task if you have to run around a layout that’s poorly designed.

A good layout will enable easy movement between the three while you cook. Additionally, it should offer sufficient space such that if you’re cooking alongside somebody else, you won’t knock into each other constantly.

For this to become a reality, a kitchen designer from our Miami interior design company will develop a “work triangle” between the refrigerator, stove, and sink that’s usually angled between 150 and 250. Remember, the kitchen can have numerous work triangles depending on your requirements or needs.

For instance, the layout can have a zone for food preparation and another for baking and cooking. This way, any kitchen traffic won’t disrupt food preparation.

Close Sink and Dishwasher Placement

If you want to avoid dripping grease and food on the floor, consider placing your dishwasher within arm’s reach of your sink. This way, once you rinse the surplus food from the plates, you can simply place them in the dishwasher immediately.

Otherwise, you’ll need to travel across your kitchen while dripping water. It’s also necessary to position your dishwasher by the sink to connect the dishwasher plumbing to the taps and drains.

Pull out Solutions

If you want to increase functionality and enhance the storage, invest in pullouts. You’ll discover that they’re not only convenient but appear modern as well.

Bin Location

The kitchen bin isn’t merely for packaging and food scraps. More often than not, we use it for daily household rubbish that we collect around the home. Consequently, it’s helpful to place it at an easily accessible point.

We recommend you place it at the end of the island or bench, closest to the entrance. This way, you could simply toss something as you walk past instead of walking into the kitchen and getting in the way of the cook. When it comes to a compost bin, you can keep it as close to the food preparation area as possible.

Tension rods to split cabinets and drawers

Tension rods make excellent space dividers and they’re far less costly than drawer and cabinet dividers bought at the store.

Consider the Cupboards

Kitchen DesignMost people overlook how they use or allocate cupboard space. However, this major detail gives your kitchen design a professional touch. You should organize the cupboard layout according to the way in which you use the space.

Make sure you position the items that you generally use together near one another. You should also locate the items you use frequently in a reachable place to avoid stooping down.

Even something as simple as organizing and elevating your spice collection so you can see it easily can enhance your kitchen experience.

The kitchen is the center of any home. It’s where we decorate cakes and even serve Christmas lunch. However, a kitchen is no good if it isn’t practical. When renovating a kitchen, people focus more on the aesthetic and not on the functionality. Fortunately, our Miami interior designer will transform your kitchen space into a functional environment.


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