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Luxury Hotel Rooms: What Your Guests Really Want

by Support Team .

Friday, June 20, 2014

a woman in  a luxury hotel roomTaking a luxury vacation is something that many people look forward to every year. As a luxury hotel owner, your goal is to get them to choose your establishment over your competitors and one way to do that is with a modern interior design that makes your hotel stand out.

Luxury travelers want luxurious rooms with modern designs and soothing decor. However, they also want access to all of the latest technology to make their luxury vacation a unique experience they can share with family and friends. When you provide them with this type of experience, they’ll recommend your hotel to others and they’ll be more likely to return for their next vacation.

Many different things are required to create a unique experience for your guests but one thing that really gets their attention is the hotel’s interior design, especially in the guest rooms. Even if your visitors plan to spend a lot of time on the beach, sightseeing or visiting some of the many attractions in Miami, they still want the time they spend in their room to be special.

What Guests Expect from Luxury Hotel Rooms

Luxury travelers have changed quite a bit over the last several years. They want and expect different things from hotels than the older generation of luxury vacationers expected. Staying in touch is important, so one of the first things your guests will look for is a comfortable place to set up their laptop or tablet in their room and free WiFi.

In addition to the ability to stay connected, guests look for the following in a luxury hotel room:

  • Comfortable furniture, including a king size luxury bed with high quality linens, plush comforters and lots of pillows
  • Original art pieces and bright, lively colors for the walls, curtains and furnishings that creates a fun, interesting environment without being overwhelming
  • Adequate storage space and a safe for personal items
  • A spacious room and adjoining bathroom with a modern and elegant design

As soon as your guests walk into the room, it should make them stop and say “WOW” and then take a few minutes just to look around. Here at J. Design Group, our expert designers have the knowledge and experience needed to help you create a design that produces that type of wow factor and that suits your establishments perfectly.

Designing the Floor Plan for Your Luxury Rooms

The floor plan for your luxury hotel rooms is very important. Luxury travelers want more space but they also value their privacy. They don’t want to hear what’s going on in the room beside of them, so your design should include proper insulation to sound proof the rooms as much as possible.

Including a balcony in your interior design will help increase space and give your guests a private view of the surrounding area, adding to the overall experience. Let our experts help you create the best commercial interior design for you hotel. We can design a floor plan that is both original and that suits your company’s theme to help enhance brand awareness through your design.

The decor is very important in a luxury hotel because you need to create a relaxing environment but you don’t want it to be boring. Many luxury vacationers prefer luxury hotel rooms that give them the feeling of being in a home away from home. When you give your guests what they really want, your company will continue to grow and thrive.


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