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Make Your Hotel Stand Out through Branding

by Support Team .

Monday, April 13, 2015

a woman in  a luxury hotel roomOne of the most important parts of any marketing strategy is branding, especially when you’re in the hospitality industry. Competition is tough so you have to find ways to identify with potential clients. In most cases, consumers that choose your hotel do so because your brand stood out and captured their attention. They saw something in your particular hotel that they could relate to and that made them want to stay at your establishment.

For example, someone taking a luxury vacation will look for a luxurious hotel that offers all of the amenities needed to make their trip one they will never forget. On the other hand, a couple traveling with four kids would most likely be more interested in finding a good deal than anything else. Your brand helps them determine which hotel suits their needs the best and when marketed correctly, it can draw in more business.

Ways to Make Your Hotel Stand Out through Branding

Your brand distinguishes your business from other hotels, so it’s what people use to identify you. The way consumers feel and the thoughts they have when seeing your brand helps them form an opinion about your hotel before they even step foot inside. Therefore, the impression you make is very important.

Below are five ways to make your hotel stand out through branding:

  1. Send the right message through your brand– Your brand is an extension of your business, so make sure you’re sending the right message. Everything in your brand design is important from the colors to the type of font used because they evoke emotions and make the viewer feel a certain way.
  2. Make sure your brand targets a specific type of guest– Your hotel specializes in providing accommodations for a particular type of guest and that is who your brand design should target. For example, luxury hotels cater to those who want to be pampered during their stay. In this case, creating a brand that targets luxury travelers will draw attention to your hotel.
  3. Incorporate your hotel’s brand into your interior design– This is an excellent way to make your hotel stand out because it gives you a chance to show your guests what makes your establishment unique. Our interior design professionals have many years of experience in the design industry and we are ready and equipped to take on any project small or large. Give us a call when you’re ready for an amazing interior that demands attention.
  4. Connect with consumers– Your brand should connect with consumers on an emotional level. When they see your brand, they should feel excited and automatically think to themselves, this is where I want to stay the next time I need a hotel.
  5. Be consistent with your brand– It’s vital that you stay consistent. Your logo, colors, images, style and other elements of your brand should be the same everywhere from your website to your interior design.

When done correctly, branding can make your hotel stand out from the rest, including your closest competitors.

Proper Branding is Vital

Proper branding will play a major role in the success of your hotel. It will increase profits by attracting the attention of your targeted audience and help consumers know exactly what your hotel has to offer.  When creating your brand, know what message you want to send. Then find a way to deliver that message in a concise, specific and interesting manner.

Your brand is your image. It’s the one thing that will make you stand out from all other hotels so make sure you’re using it wisely.

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