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Making Your Backyard a More Bird-Friendly Environment

by Support Team .

Friday, May 8, 2015

Having a beautiful backyard can mean many things, but one of the best ways to enhance the environment and personality of your property is by making it bird friendly. There are many ways that you can make your backyard a more inviting place for winged visitors. Here are some of the best ways that you can evolve your property to have a more beautiful, and harmonious atmosphere.

1. Birds of all kinds appreciate a source of water, so not only would installing a water fountain be favorable for bringing in more life to your yard, but it will also add some personality to the decor of the backyard. There are many kinds of fountains and waterfalls that could fit in with just about any design, and the tranquil sound of water always makes it a more peaceful place for friends or family to sit around.

2. Bringing in a variety of plant life is another way to encourage birds to stay and make a home on your property, as they like to nest in thick foliage. Flowers, succulent plants, trees, and well landscaped areas can bring in many types of local birds that you may not have even know live in your local region.

3. Luxurious bird houses and decorations in the backyard are also favorable to enticing wildlife to come and stay for a while. Once a bird decides to move into one of these structures it will likely stay for a lifetime and possibly start a family that enjoy this comfortable environment. There are many talented artists out there that have created so many kinds of bird houses that are appealing for just about every style of yard, so it would be best to look around and see what matches with the look of your house.

4. Especially when it comes to hummingbirds, liquid feeders can draw in whole colonies of them to visit on a regular basis. Bird specialists and retail stores have come up with many unique looking feeders that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional for this kind of outside decor.

5. Statues and other large structures that can last through all kinds of weather are another source of attraction for birds, as they tend to find places where they can rest for a period of time that is safe from predators. The more of this kind of decor you have, the easier it is for birds to be drawn to the area.

Overall, having birds in your backyard is one of the best ways to accent the property in a positive way. These creatures are typically friendly and can make your home feel more alive and cozy, especially in the spring.

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