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Making the Most Out of Small Spaces

by Support Team .

Monday, February 17, 2014

Small homes can be cozy or cramped depending on how they’re decorated. If you’re feeling uncomfortable and a bit restricted, perhaps it’s time for a home makeover. There are ways to enhance the space you have and turn those small rooms into comfortable spaces where you feel more relaxed, so you can thoroughly enjoy your home no matter how much space you have.

The first step is to get organized. When you get rid of all the clutter, you have more space to work with and it makes the home look bigger. Adding shelves for books and collectibles or storage spaces for things you need to keep but don’t want left out in the open will help you get organized.

It’s also a good idea to hire an interior designer to help you organize everything because she can help you utilize spaces you may not have thought of before. She can also help you create a home interior design that suits your needs and that helps to make your rooms look larger than they really are. This is especially helpful in closets and other small areas.

Create the Illusions of More Space

When you can’t actually make the space bigger by adding more square footage or by eliminating walls, you can create an illusion that makes your rooms look larger. There are several ways to accomplish this such as painting your walls light colors and choosing light fabrics for your sofa and chairs. Another option is to install large picture windows and then keep them opened as much as possible to let the sun shine into your rooms.

Mirrors positioned in strategic locations such as on opposite walls facing each other or on the wall facing the window will also help to create the illusion of more space. The designer can help you choose the right décor and furnishings for your home that suits the amount of space you have the best.

Choosing the Right Furnishings

livingroom19When it comes to furnishing the home, many people make two major mistakes. One is to add too much furniture to each room and the other is to choose large pieces of furniture that takes up too much space. Avoiding these mistakes will make a huge difference when decorating a small home.

Only use the amount of furniture that you need and use smaller pieces. For example, instead of a full size sofa and two large recliners, choose a small sofa with recliners or a love seat and one chair to open up the room. You can also use small end tables instead of a large coffee table and hang your TV on the wall instead of sitting it on a stand.

In the bedrooms choose small dressers and add shelves to help keep everything organized. You can also eliminate the headboard to make extra space or choose a design that’s thin and fits flush with the wall to make the room look bigger. Choosing smaller pieces of furniture and only using what you need will leave more space to walk around, which makes them look larger and feel more relaxing.

If you’re feeling cramped or just tired of not having enough room to be comfortable, call a residential interior designer to come in and help you find ways to get the most out of the space you do have.

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