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Top Design Mistakes in Your Man Cave

by Support Team .

Friday, November 6, 2015

Your man cave is most importantly a place for you to escape and relax. In addition, your man cave serves as the central center for manly celebrations.

But, is your man cave designed correctly? That is right. You can incorrectly design your man space and this means that you and your friends are not as comfortable as you could be.

Below, we will go over the most common mistakes and how you can fix them right now.

Mistake #1: Too Much Clutter

If you did not take the time to plan out your man cave layout and design, you will find that you end up with too much in a small space. Consider scaling down some of the décor you have and stick with one theme.

If you want a sports theme in your cave area, then hang a couple pieces of memorabilia, but your walls do not need to be covered in pictures from top to bottom.

Mistake #2: Uncomfortable Seating

Now is not the time to clench your penny. While you can work within a budget, you should place more focus on your seating and spend the additional money for quality seating.

The biggest mistake that you can make is having an uncomfortable couch or recliners in your man cave. You and your friends want to relax, not experience back problems.

Mistake #3: No Refrigerator or Bar Space

What man cave doesn’t have beer and snacks? You need to have a small bar area and mini fridge in your man cave so that you do not have to do multiple laps around the house every time you need something.

Your bar area does not have to take up all of your man cave, but a small corner bar area will suit you well.

Mistake #4: A Small TV

A small TV is not going to accomplish what you want it to. Every man cave needs to have a large TV that everyone can see. Consider adding surround sound around your man cave too so that everyone can hear what is going on.

Your man cave is your sanctuary and as such, it should be designed correctly. The team at J. Design Group can help you personalize and design your man cave the way you want. We understand what elements are needed to create a luxurious place that you want to spend your time in.

If you are looking to create a new space in your home, check out some helpful space planning tips.

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