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Many New Commercial Designs Share These Three Elements

by Support Team .

Monday, December 29, 2014

Clothing store interiorCreating an interior design for commercial property is a complicated process. You have to consider every detail of the design carefully to make sure you’re creating both a comfortable and functional space. Even careful consideration goes into something as simple as where to place the electrical outlets, to avoid problems later. Therefore, a lot of planning goes into creating the design regardless of whether you’re constructing a new building or remodeling one.

The structure must cater to your specific needs while creating a visually appealing environment that welcomes your visitors and makes your employees feel comfortable and inspired. It takes a lot of hard work and designers must have a good eye for detail to accomplish that goal. When it comes to commercial designs, things are always changing as new ideas and technology becomes available but many of the modern commercial interior designs share these three elements.

Modern Commercial Interior Designs Have Open Work Spaces

Remember when the tiny cubicle was the big thing in commercial office designs. Each individual had their own little space with a desk, chair and computer system surrounded by three and half walls to cut you off from everyone else. The design was originally created to make workers more productive but it hindered productivity instead. Being isolated with no natural light lowered employee morale and created a depressing work environment.

Today, all types of commercial spaces are more open and workers share the space, even in offices. In fact, many offices have circular workstations that allow everyone to communicate and work together for a common goal. Others use transparent panels to separate stations or partial partitions that allow workers to see and communicate with each other. These open spaces allow the natural light to fill the room, improves morale and increases productivity.

Eco-Friendly Interiors

Consumers put a lot of thought into the companies they choose to do business with and one thing that most everyone is paying close attention to these days is environmental issues. People are concerned about the environment and many of them look specifically for companies that support the green movement. For this reason, you’ll find many of the new interior designs to be eco-friendly in some way.

Some companies use eco-friendly materials when construction the structure or during the remodeling process and others decorate with eco-friendly furnishings. There are many ways to create a green interior design that portrays your company’s image, while staying within your budget and our experts are available to help. Contact us to schedule a consultation or to gather more information about the services we provide.

Attractive Light Fixtures

Most everyone knows how important it is to have proper lighting. Poor lighting makes it difficult to see, which hinders production, increases mistakes and it can also increase workplace accidents. However, modern designers are taking it one-step further. Not only do commercial designs have adequate lighting but many of them use attractive light fixtures chosen specifically to enhance the rest of the décor.

Open workspaces and attractive light fixtures help to create a warm, friendly environment that welcomes everyone into your facility. It also helps to increase employee morale and production. Finding ways to support the green movement with your design shows clients that you care about the world we live in, which helps you build a good relationship with your clients

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