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Master Bathroom Remodeling Tips

by Support Team .

Friday, August 22, 2014

luxury bathroomThe master bathroom is your own private space that only you and your partner share, so many couples are choosing to go all out and remodel it to include the luxury items they always wanted. When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, you have many different choices, so finding the right design is just a matter of finding or creating something that you truly like.

When choosing a luxury design for your master bathroom, look for something that creates a pleasant and relaxing environment where you can retreat for a while after a long hard day at work. You have many design options to choose from or you can create your own. The main thing is to choose a design that suits your lifestyle and personal taste.

Master Bathroom Remodeling Design Options

There are many design options available but most experts recommend that you use neutral colors for flooring and cabinetry because these will go with any design style. If you decide you want to make a change later, you won’t have to completely replace everything. You can always use bold colors with your paint and accessories to brighten things up a bit.

Below are a few master bathroom remodeling design options that are very popular today:

  • Replace your tub with a large shower surrounded by glass walls and a hinged door or do away with the walls completely and have an open shower design.
  • Shower and tub hand bars help to keep your bathroom safer and the new designs are very decorative, so they go with any design.
  • Dural vanities and sinks are also a great design option that homeowners are falling in love with.
  • Replace the regular tub with a soaking tub or Jacuzzi where you can lay back, sip some wine and relax.
  • Adding windows or skylights will brighten up your master bathroom and create a warm and welcoming environment.
  • Consider moving the commode to a far corner and placing a half wall between it and the rest of the bathroom for more privacy.
  • Install a flat screen TV and sound system to help keep you entertained or so you can listen to relaxing music while soaking in the tub.
  • Add more storage space and shelves with vertical shelving and install sink cabinets with several small drawers.

You can add plants, wall art and scented candles to help enhance the decor. You can also contact our experts here at J. Design Group for some more great design ideas or to learn more about the services we offer.

Luxurious Bathrooms Can Still Be Green

Did you know that you could have a luxurious bathroom that is also eco-friendly? Many people think of simple and plain when they think of a green design but that is no longer the case. With all the new technology and options available today, you can have both.

A few of your green options include the following:

  • Low-flow or dual-flush toilets
  • On-demand water heaters
  • Low-flow showerhead
  • Low-flow faucets
  • Use sustainable materials in your design

Low flow faucets and showerheads are very decorative and you can even use sustainable materials for the flooring. Some eco-friendly options that you can use for the flooring in a master bathroom include bamboo, concrete, linoleum and recycled glass tile.

Your master bathroom should be a calm and relaxing place, so be sure to choose a design that you truly love and add a few special items to give it that personal touch.

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