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Modern Interior Design: What You Need to Know

by Support Team .

Friday, January 16, 2015

High angle view of an artist drawing something on graphic tabletWhen discussing interior design, you’ll hear a lot about the modern design style. It’s a popular option for many homeowners but do you know exactly what designers mean when they talk about a modern design? Some people interchange the terms modern and contemporary when talking about interior design but they’re not the same thing.

The modern design became popular during the early 1900s and it refers to the Mid Century decorating style. It puts emphasis on simple designs with clean lines, functionality and plenty of open space. A contemporary design refers to what’s popular at any giving time, so it focuses on the latest trends and it often blends different design styles together.

Since many of the elements used in contemporary designs are similar to the modern design, it’s easy to get the two confused. The main difference is that the modern interior design never changes while the contemporary design changes constantly with the times.

Modern Interior Design Décor

Many people love the modern interior design because it creates a sense of openness. It makes the space look and feel bigger than it actually is. It also makes it easier to keep your home clutter free because furnishings are limited to necessities.

The furniture is simple in design with smooth edges. Tables, sofas and chairs sit high off the floor to create an open, airy feeling. Materials such as glass, metal, wood and chrome are often used in modern designs because of their smooth surfaces that create clean lines.

Since decorators use very few accessories in this design style, they consist mostly of art pieces, paintings and sculptures used to create a focal point in the room. A lot of thought is put into choosing just the right pieces to suit your unique personality. You won’t find shelves or cabinets filled with knick-knacks or trinkets with this design, since all of the furniture must serve a specific purpose and maintaining an open, clean space is the goal.

Modern Interior Design Colors

To go along with the overall theme, the color choices used in modern designs are simple. Neutral colors along with black and white are the main colors used throughout the home. Normally, the walls are painted white to create the illusion of more space. However, bright, bold colors are used in moderation to create accent points.

It can be difficult to create the right combination of color to maintain balance within your home, which is why modern interior decorators play such an important role in creating this particular design. Here at J. Design Group, we have the experience and training needed to choose the best color combinations for your home and we also offer a wide variety of other interior design services.

When it comes to flooring, many homeowners choose wood floors but you can use tile and other hard surfaces. If you do choose to use area rugs, pick ones with neutral colors and simple patterns.

Modern interior designs are simple but beautiful. If you enjoy a clutter free environment, you’re sure to appreciate this design style. When done correctly, it will make your home feel open and inviting while creating a sense of calmness and relaxation.

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