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Modernize Your Home with Motion Sensor LED Strip Lighting

by Support Team .

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bedroom LED LightingHow many times have you gotten up in the middle of the night and stumped your toes in the dark because you didn’t want to turn on the light and disturb those sleeping? Perhaps you have a small light that seems dim during the day but at night, it’s way too bright or maybe it’s just a pain trying to find it in the dark to turn it on.

One modern and stylish way to solve this problem is to install motion sensor LED strip lighting. Your residential interior designer can help you create a plan that installs the LED strips and sensors throughout your home, so you’ll always have the perfect amount of lighting in every room


LED strip lighting provides the perfect amount of light wherever you install them and you can set the timer on the motion sensors to stay on for as long as you need them. When activated, the room will have just enough light for you to see where you’re going but it’ll be dim enough that it won’t blind you when they come on or wake everyone else up.

You’ll never have to worry about stumbling around in the dark anymore when you install these modern and stylish lights in your bedroom. The second you activate the motion sensor, you’ll have enough light to see where you’re going without disturbing your partner.

Decorating Ideas

Motion sensor LED lights make a great addition to any kid’s bedroom. Children often wake up at night and need to use the bathroom or perhaps they come into your bedroom to wake you up at night when they don’t feel well. You don’t want them walking around in the dark because it would be too easy for them to get hurt but you don’t want to be suddenly awaking from a deep sleep with a bright light shinning in your eyes either. Adding strip lighting to your interior design will solve these problems.

When you wake up at night it can be hard going back to sleep but turning on the lights makes it even more difficult. When you place LED strip lights along hallways, the kitchen and in the bathroom, you’ll be able to see to get that drink of water in a comfortable setting that won’t wake you up completely before morning.

They’re also perfect for the baby’s room. Helping your little one get on a good sleeping schedule is difficult enough without getting them overly stimulated with bright lights in the middle of the night. With the LED strip lighting, you’ll have just enough light to change diapers and feed your baby but not so much that she can’t go back to sleep.

You can also install outdoor motion sensor lights along walkways and on porches to light your way when you leave or come home in the dark. As you can see, many options are available that will fit nicely into any design plan.

LED strip lighting creates a warm illumination that makes it possible to see where you’re going without blinding you for a few minutes or waking up your partner. The motion sensor means you’ll have light when you need it without having to look for that light switch in the dark. There’re a great addition to any home and you’re sure to love all the benefits this type of lighting has to offer.

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