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Create a Nautical Theme in Your Bedroom

by Support Team .

Friday, August 5, 2016

If sailing over the seven seas is your thing, then you may want to bring this theme to life in your own bedroom. There are some elements that you must have to make this theme come to life before your eyes. Let’s get started decorating!

Nautical Theme Element 1: Add Some Driftwood

If you really want to bring the nautical theme to your room, consider adding some driftwood in your bedroom. The driftwood can be hung on the wall like a décor piece of you can even create a tree from driftwood. Not only will it add to the theme, it will have a bit of a rustic and natural look.

Nautical Theme Element 2: Lighting

You need lighting in your room, so why not go all out and hang lanterns in your room. These lanterns can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on the wall to provide the effect you desire. Each lantern will create a sense of sailing and life on a boat. Trust us, you will love it.

Nautical Theme Element 3: Colors Matter

If you thought that a ship’s steering wheel and driftwood was enough to bring the theme together, you were wrong. In fact, you need to have the right colors too. Dark blues, lighter blues, and whites all match well together and they create the exact look you are going for.

Nautical Theme Element 4: Rope Decor

Rope décor is an awesome idea and can be used for many different applications. For example, if you have a hanging light, consider wrapping the outside of it or even the base of a lamp in rope.

The above elements can be incorporated into your bedroom to bring out the best nautical theme in your home. You will love the way the colors and décor marry together. If you need help choosing the right décor pieces, contact J. Design Group now.

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