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Why You Need an Interior Design Project Manager

by Support Team .

Friday, June 27, 2014

Two colleagues discussing a project in an informal office settinBefore you begin any commercial interior design project, hire a project manager. You may think that you don’t really need this type of service but unless you have experience working with commercial property and plenty of time to devote to the project, you’ll need help.

It’s better to hire a manger at the beginning of the project than it is to wait until it’s already underway and then discover you just don’t have the time or knowledge to take care of everything involved.

If you’re still not sure you need this type of assistance, consider the different tasks handled by the project manager. Go over the responsibilities associated with a commercial interior design project and then ask yourself, are you really prepared to handle the job?

Responsibilities of the Interior Design Project Manager

The interior design project manager is the one person that oversees the entire project. He will devote all of his time to making sure everything is handled in a professional and timely manner. The project manager must know every detail of the project and if problems occur, it’s his responsibility to find a solution.

He’ll help create the interior design plans, evaluate your needs and select the best companies for the job. He’ll work directly with construction crews, plumbers and electricians to ensure everyone is on the same page. He’ll also work with suppliers to make sure you’re getting quality products for a reasonable price.

A breakdown of the responsibilities and duties of the project manager includes the following:

  • Initiating the project by defining the goals and setting everything into motion
  • Planning the strategy to complete the project while meeting the requirements of the job and staying within the set budget limits
  • Create a schedule to complete the project within the time allowed
  • Executing the project by assigning tasks and making sure everyone knows what they are suppose to do and when
  • Overseeing the project to ensure everything is staying on schedule
  • Handle any problems that arise
  • Give a final inspection to ensure the job is complete before signing off on the project

A project manager has a huge amount of responsibility and the job is very time consuming. It would be difficult for you to handle so many different tasks, especially when you have other business to take care of daily. Here at J. Design Group, our experienced professionals have the knowledge, experience and resources needed to handle all of your commercial projects.

You’ll Still Be Involved

Hiring a project manager for your interior design project will free up your time to take care of other important business. However, this doesn’t mean that you hire a manager and then hand the project over to him. You’ll still be involved but you won’t have to spend all of your time working on the project.

You’ll meet with and consult with the project manager to make sure he understands exactly what you want and expect to achieve when the project is complete. You need to be available to answer questions and to help determine what course of action to take if problems arise.

Your project manager will need to keep you updated with the progress and keep you apprised of any changes that occur. You’ll be in charge of the project but the interior design manager will make sure everything is going according to plan.


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