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Tips for Creating the Best Open Concept Home Design

by Editorial Team .

Friday, November 3, 2017

A cluttered and cramped home can make you feel stifled and constricted within a space where you should feel relaxed and at ease. Some simple mistakes with your interior design can leave you with key living areas that feel less than welcoming, and they can even lose some of their functionality. When you want a space that is free-flowing, and perfect for both personal relaxation and entertainment, then following the philosophy of an open concept home design can give you the results that you need.

From the minds of the experts at a Miami interior design company, these are the top tips for implementing the open concept in your home.

Follow the Basics First: Move Furniture Away from the Walls

If you have the space for it, then moving furniture items away from the walls can help to create a more open and free-flowing concept that will make your home feel both roomier and easier to navigate. When you follow the basic design of a room by relying on the walls to guide furniture placement, you’ll end up with a rigid interior layout that is bland and uninspiring.

Make Use of Area Rugs to Section Your Interior Spaces

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Large area rugs don’t just add aesthetic beauty, comfort, and warmth. They can also be used in section rooms without having to use larger furniture pieces. Arranging living or dining furniture around an area rug will make individual spaces feel like purposed rooms, without actually having them divided. The area rugs can also be used to add a new hue of color to the interior design, which will help complement your furniture and other décor choices.

High-quality rugs will last for years, or even decades with the proper care, and are the perfect investment for people looking for a cost-effective way to define space without compromising an open concept.

Reduce Color Variations

Monochromatic color schemes can work perfectly for modern interior design, especially when going for an open concept. Grey, white, black, and silver, all fit in perfectly with the modern aesthetic. Going monochromatic doesn’t mean not using color at all. Choose a base color and then elaborate on it with different shades and tones within a smaller color space. This will help when you are aiming for consistency.

Use Furniture to Divide Space

Larger open spaces can be difficult to decorate, which is why so many homeowners rely on a Miami interior design company to help break up the space without losing the best elements of open concept home design. Many find that it is difficult to divide space while maintaining the overall feel of the architecture, however, it’s actually quite simple to divide specific areas without compromising on openness.

Furniture is perfect for breaking up spaces, especially when using creative placement of sitting furniture and large items like cabinets or even bookcases. The trick here is to not use furniture that breaks the line of sight in a jarring way. Open-backed bookcases can allow the placement of books and decorations without creating a visual wall between two sections, or a low and long coffee table or cabinet could form a divider between your living and dining space. Always work with the architecture of the space that you have, and ensure that accessibility and functionality are not compromised by your furniture placement. If you’re stuck for ideas or simply want expert guidance when it comes to your open concept home design, you can always work with J Design Group for top advice from the best interior designer in Miami.

Use Consistency in the Overall Aesthetic

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An open concept can easily be compromised when there are inconsistencies in your décor and interior design. A themed kitchen that is isolated from living and dining areas is not a problem, however, when dealing with open spaces, the design of each space should be cohesive or at least complementary between different areas.

Consistency can be achieved by following the principle of monochromatic color choices, or you could simply go for the most neutral colors possible, to avoid clashes. When working with a Miami interior design company, you’ll get expert guidance for everything from the tiles and cabinets in a kitchen, to the backsplash design and color, right down to living room wall colors and furniture choices. Consistency will always be key, and working with professionals can ensure that you get the best advice, while still being able to inject some of your own personality into the interior design.

For the best interior designer in Miami, talk to J Design Group, and see your open concept dreams become reality in your own home.

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