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Popular 2014 Interior Design Trends for Residential Property

by Support Team .

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Interior design trends are always changing but there are a few that become popular enough to stick around for awhile. These are the designs that you’ll still remember years from now. You may even find yourself saying, “Remember when that design was so popular?” when discussing new interior designs with friends.

Some of the most popular residential interior design trends expected for 2014 cater to both style and functionality and you can have both when you choose the right interior design firm in Florida. Homeowners want to get as much use out of their homes as they can. As a result, instead of decorating space just for show, designers are creating fully functional but beautiful interior designs to create the type of environment that suits your personality and specific needs the best.

You’ll find some of the most popular design trends expected to be big in 2014 discussed below.

Striped Patterns

striped pattern vintage wallpaperStriped patterns are expected to continue to gain popularity. While strips are found in all types of fabrics and many wallpaper designs, you have to use this pattern very carefully or your design could end up being a little overwhelming. This is why hiring a luxury interior designer in Miami is a good idea. He will know how to use stripes to create the overall effect you’re looking for without going overboard. It can sometimes be a fine line between the two and it takes the trained eye of a professional to know how much is too much.

Gilded Glass Finishes

You can expect to see more glided glass finishes incorporated into home interior designs. A metal or a gold leaf, whichever you choose, is placed on the back of the glass to create a stunning design that you can use as the focal point in any room. These tables, light fixtures, doors, mirrors and other décor will add a touch of class to any room while still keeping the design simple and fully functional.

Floating Shelves for the Kitchen

Floating shelves may not be for everyone but they can create a whole new look for your kitchen. You can use floating shelves, also called open kitchen shelves, alone to create a dramatic effect or combine them with traditional cabinets. This way, you’ll still have a place to store those items you want to keep out of sight but the floating shelves will help create some open space on your walls.

Designs Created with Technology in Mind

Home Entertainment TechnologyChoosing what type of plug-in your home has may not be at the top of the list but it does make a big difference once your project is completed. With all the electronics used today, it’s not surprising that of one of the popular design trends for 2014 will include installing wall U-Sockets to power all types of electronics such as digital cameras, iPhones, iPads and so forth. These wall plugs have a sensor that automatically shuts off the power when the device is completely charged, so it won’t waste energy.

All of these interior design trends for 2014 are simple ways to make your home more modern, stylish and functional all at the same time. Which of these interior design ideas did you like best? Which ones would you include in your interior design projects?

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