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Project Management Contracts

by Support Team .

Friday, July 4, 2014

corporate1_3Interior design projects require the services of outside contractors such as construction crews, electricians and plumbers but the exact services needed, will depend on the type and size of the project. Negotiating contracts with all outside workers is imperative in making sure the job is handled professionally and it’s a big part of managing your project.

Contracts contain a wealth of information but four of the main topics covered in project management contracts include the following.

Project Management Contracts Contain Services Rendered

Contracts protect both parties because it eliminates misunderstandings that can create problems later. You know exactly what services the contractors will provide and they know exactly what is expected of them. All signed contracts are binding which means that you cannot add anything to the job for the same pay and they are obligated to perform the jobs outlined in the contracts.

Make sure the contract outlines all the details of the job, which includes everything from the grade of wood used in the construction to the type of flooring installed. You can also specify that the contractors use specific types of materials to ensure you receive the quality job you’re expecting. Our project managers here at J. Design Group will work with you to make sure all details are included in the contract before signing.

The Time Frame for the Job

This section includes when the company will start work along with a completion date. This is very important for keeping the project on schedule. You need to know exactly when the contractors will begin their work and when the job will be completed and part of our services includes negotiating and establishing project time frames.

Without this, the project may drag out and take longer than you planned, which can prevent you from meeting important deadlines. It would be very frustrating and costly to put your project on hold because you have to wait for one of the companies to begin work or because it was taking much longer than estimated to complete the job. Having a contract prevents this from happening.

Cost of Services Rendered

Negotiating the cost of services rendered and selecting vendors is part of the planning stages that we can handle for you but once the deals are made, they need to be put in writing. This section prevents contractors from charging more than the agreed price. It also ensures the contractors that you pay the amount agreed on. When negotiating price, don’t just look at the overall cost of the job. You need a breakdown of what will be spent for supplies, materials and labor, all of which will be included in the contract.

The Liability and Delegation Section

Contracts also contain a liability clause that holds each contractor responsibility for the work they do. If there is a problem, the contract prevents the blame from being placed on the wrong company but it holds the company responsible accountable for the mistakes made. Therefore, it protects you and each of the contractors you hire. The delegation clause prevents the companies you hire from claiming they had to hire extra employees or subcontractors to do the job in an attempt to charge you more.

Project management contracts protect you and the contractors. No interior design project should begin until all details are worked out and put in writing.


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