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A Luxury Kitchen Needs the Right Refrigerator

by Support Team .

Friday, January 22, 2016

The refrigerator in your kitchen makes a huge difference and if you have one that is too small, not functional, or not designed properly, you will find that you do not enjoy using it and being in the kitchen is more of a hassle than a pleasure. Below, we will go over some of the different types of refrigerators that you can choose from.

1. Bottom Freezer

This model of refrigerator provides you with the freezer on the bottom of the fridge. The top part is the cooling area and you pull out the bottom drawer to access your freezer space. This type of fridge is basically a traditional top freezer model, but reversed. You have a lot of room within both the cooling area and freezer, which makes this a nice choice.

2. Top Freezer

The top freezer model is the traditional fridge model and you have the freezer on the top and cooling area on the bottom. This is a spacious option, but if you are looking for something a bit spiced up, you should choose the bottom freezer.

3. Side by Side

The side by side fridge does not offer as much space as some people like, but it does make it easy to access all food and freezer items without too much struggle. The front of the fridge has two French doors that open up to allow you to access the entire fridge or freezer quickly.

4. Compact

The compact refrigerator is one that can be placed in your bar, outdoor kitchen, or anywhere else you want it to go. These fridges are small in size and designed to use minimal amounts of energy while still providing cooling under cabinets and the like.

5. Built In

A built in model is one that is designed to be part of the kitchen and is extremely functional. The fridge typically has a bottom freezer or storage space and the top of the fridge is a side by side. This type of refrigerator does not offer the most amount of space, but it is designed to be functional within the kitchen.

When you are shopping for a fridge for your home, consider the type you like, the capacity you need, and of course, the efficiency of the model.

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