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Restaurant Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

by Support Team .

Friday, May 30, 2014

All successful restaurants serve delicious food and provide friendly customer service. Without these two qualities, it would be difficult to stay in business for very long. With so many wonderful restaurants in Miami to choose from, consumers expect and demand both but there’s something else that helps to keep customers coming back to your restaurant.

As soon as customers walk into your establishment, they begin looking around at your decor and they continue to look around while sitting in the lobby waiting for their food to arrive. This is a very crucial time for your business because this is when the customer forms an opinion about your restaurant based on your decor. The opinion they form of your business at this time, will determine if they visit your restaurant again or if they choose somewhere else to dine. From the kitchen to the dining areas, your restaurant decor is important.

Choosing the Wrong Decor

Decorating a restaurant requires more than simply placing a few paintings on the wall. Your lobby is a reflection of your business and you shouldn’t skimp when it comes to your interior decor. If it looks cheap, then your guests may think you skimp on your food ingredients, too. This could easily make you lose customers that otherwise would have been regulars at your restaurant.

When choosing your wall decor, look for something classy that also matches the theme of your restaurant. This helps to create the right mood for dining and it gives your customers something to look at and talk about while waiting on their food to arrive.

Uncomfortable Seating

One of the biggest mistakes that many restaurants make is choosing uncomfortable seating. At one time, owners believed that if your seats were uncomfortable, your guests would eat their meal and leave without lingering so you could serve more people. However, consumers today demand much more for their money and they won’t come back if they don’t feel comfortable.

It’s best to have a combination of booths and tables to give your customers a choice since some people prefer booths to tables. Choose comfortable seating and leave plenty of room between the tables so your guests won’t feel crowded while trying to enjoy their meal. If your guests are not comfortable, they won’t return.

Poor or Harsh Lighting

In some restaurants, low lighting is acceptable but most of the time people want to see the menu without straining their eyes and they want to see what their food looks like. Therefore, you don’t want your lobby to be too dark or it may look like you’re trying to hide something and your guests may begin to question the quality of the food. On the other hand, it should not be so bright that you feel like you’re sitting under a spotlight.

In most cases, your lighting should be bright enough for your guest to read but dim enough to create a relaxing environment where your customers can feel comfortable. Using soft lighting that’s easy on the eyes will help you accomplish that goal. It will also enhance the visual appearance of your food.

A modern interior designer in Miami can help ensure you choose the right decorations and furnishings for your restaurant and she can help determine what kind of lighting you need. Your decor is more important than you might think, so don’t skimp in this area or you may lose many prospective loyal customers.

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