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Room Placement: A Big Part of Your Interior Design Layout

by Support Team .

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Black and white living room with comfortable couchThe layout of your home is one of the biggest factors to consider in interior design. The layout will have a major factor on how well you enjoy your new home and a big part of creating the layout is determining the placement of the rooms. This is something that you’ll need to consider very carefully or you could end up being disappointed with your overall design.

The placement of the kitchen and living room is obvious because they normally go at the front of the home for both convenience and privacy. These rooms see a lot of foot traffic and you certainly wouldn’t want anyone entering your home through a bedroom. While the placement of these two rooms is pretty easy to decide, it’s not so easy determining where the bedrooms and bathrooms should go.

Room Placement: Where Should the Bedrooms and Bathrooms Go?

You have many things to think about when deciding where your bedrooms and bathrooms should go such as privacy and noise reduction. This is why it’s always a good idea to discuss your project with a professional interior designer before you even begin creating the floor plan.

You don’t want your master bedroom adjacent to the living room or kitchen because it could interfere with getting a good night sleep. There may be nights when someone wants a late night snack or feels like watching TV until the wee hours of the morning, both of which will interfere with your sleep.

In a two-story home, don’t place a bedroom above your garage or the noise of the door opening and closing can be very disturbing. Another thing to consider with a residential interior design is the placement of the kids or guest bedrooms. To ensure privacy, separate your master bedroom from the other bedrooms with the family bathroom or even a hall closet.

Depending on your particular layout, you may have the option of placing your master bedroom and bath on one side of the house, while the extra bedrooms will be on the other side separated by a hallway. With this design, you may have the option of placing the family bathroom at the end of the hallway. Keeping privacy in mind, don’t place a bathroom adjacent to the kitchen or living room, especially if the door opens directly into the bathroom.

The Placement of Your Garage or Carport Is Important

While the placement of the garage or carport may not seem like it would matter that much, you’ll be very disappointment if it ends up in the wrong place. If the garage opens up to your living room and all of the traffic running in and out is scratching up your hardwood flooring, it won’t take long before you’re wishing you had spent more time thinking about the placement of your garage.

Normally the best place for the garage or carport is where it will open up into the kitchen. This way, the traffic is limited throughout your house and you’ll be close to counters and the table when carrying in groceries and other items.

Room placement is a big part of your home interior design layout. Once the walls are in place, it would take a major renovation to make changes. Therefore, take your time and go over all of your options with your interior designer before finalizing the plans.

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